Balnea Spa Winter Offerings // Bromont, Canada

November 18, 2021

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Happy Thursday friends! As I shared on Tuesday, I am excited to spend the next two weeks sharing with y'all some recap posts from the trip that I took with my mom to Bromont, Canada 2 years ago! At the time I shared some posts about our trip, but with the way the world changed I didn't get to share everything and so I am excited to revisit this trip and share more! I hope that it encourages you to consider taking a road trip (in part or in whole depending on your circumstances) this autumn and winter to this beautiful place in the world. 
Happy Monday friends! Today I am excited to share with y'all more about our trip to Balnea Spa that we took last weekend and specifically the offerings and activities that you can do in your time at Balnea Spa. There are so many things that the spa offers that this post is a bit long so go grab a cup of warm tea or a cup of hot coffee, and sit back to read about this cozy luxury spa located in the beautiful city of Bromont, Canada. 

If you are visiting for your first time you will want to bring with you a bathing suit and throw in a good book or magazine (unless you plan to sleep in one of the quiet rooms during your time which is also wonderful!). You can find out more information regarding what to expect on your first visit on the website by clicking HERE

As I shared last week I am delighted to share today about the many winter offerings that Balnea has in the spa during the cooler months, so without further waiting, here they are:

Spa Treatments
During my time there I experienced the most lovely massage and it is definitely a service that Balnea Spa offers that I would recommend. As I shared on instagram and have talked about non-stop with everyone I know, it was definitely the best massage I have ever had! 
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After my massage I sat by the fire and sipped yummy blueberry tea and just felt completely relaxed! 

Massage Offerings
There are different types of massages that Balnea Spa offers including traditional massages and specialized Balnea collection massages. The traditional massages that are offered include the Swedish massage, the Californian massage, shiatsu massage, lymphatic drainage massage and a Thai yoga massage (that is done in full clothing). In addition there are athletic massages offered for those who are athletes and are looking for a restorative massage after exercise and also massages for pregnant women. Finally there is a stone fire and ice therapy massage that sounded really intriguing. This massage is a combination of massage with volcanic stones and marble stones and I would imagine that the combination is quite invigorating and relaxing all at the same time. Another massage that sounded interesting was the Kobido massage which is a hybrid of both massage and a facial. This one also really intrigued me to try.

For the Balnea specialty spa massages there was several different kinds and you can read more on the spa's website by clicking HERE.
*picture property of Balnea Spa*

Thinness Treatments
Another offering in the spa area is the "thinness" options that include innovative techniques that the spa uses to help bring about muscle tone in addition to releasing and removing toxins. If you are interested in finding out more about these choices you can do so HERE

Scrubland Options
Another area of the services that are offered is the "scrubland" area of the spa. These treatments are focused on stimulating the circulation in our bodies while eliminating dead cells. All of the rates in this section of the spa do not include the thermal experience.

This "scrubland" section of the spa was really interesting to read about because there are different types of exfoliation and products that are used. I would suggest trying each one to really find out what works best for your body. *smiles* One of the new scrubs that the spa was offering was a body scrub with verbena and Indian mimosa. This scrub activates the blood circulation and brings a feeling of lightness to it (and includes a glass of mimosa! *smiles*)

Body Wraps
The spa also offers wraps that sounded really interesting. Have y'all done a body wrap before? They have always intrigued me and the ones that were offered at the spa (different choices of essential oils, green tea and herbs, omega three wraps, and even a chocolate option) all sounded really amazing. You can read more about the different choices and package choices HERE
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Manicures and Pedicures
Finally another option to experience at the spa is for a manicure and pedicure. Y'all know I love both of these things and this sounded really lovely to try. If we had more time I would have definitely tried the shellac pedicure or the spa pedicure. If you are at the spa and you don't have a lot of time there is the option for an "express pedicure" which sounded really great. 

Mini Spa Treatment Options
As a last note one thing that I really liked was that the spa also offered a bunch of different "mini options" for people to have. These were significantly lower in their cost than other options and so if you are on a strict budget or if you are wanting to try a few different items then this is a really great solution for you! You can get a mini facial treatment, eye care, hair care, or mini care of the feet and hands. Now y'all know that for me I would probably choose one of each thing and be very happy, especially the "mini hair care" option. *smiles*
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Restaurant/Food Options
On site at Balnea Spa there is the option to eat in the Lumami Restaurant or to order (from the same menu) up in the spa lounge. For our lunch we opted to just order from the Spa lounge as we sat on chairs overlooking the beautiful property and for dinner we changed and ate at Lumami. For lunch we had chosen the ham and salad plate and we split it between the two of us. The portions are big and really good so I would definitely recommend this as an option. For dinner we each picked a yummy salad that had the most delicious dressing and sat by the huge picture window that overlooked the lake. No matter where you choose to eat the food you will definitely enjoy it as it is very yummy and tasty.
Caravan Sonnet Blog Heated Flooring
Despite the cooler weather and the stone walkways, don't worry... even your bare feet will be thought of here at Balnea as some of the floors are heated! 

Activities Calendar
During all different months (with more offerings in the warmer months) there is an activities calendar that patrons can check out to be part of. You can find the calendar HERE

Small Boutique
You can find different things at the spa boutique that you might need for your visit (and to keep after wards), including yoga clothing, sandals, and bathing suits. In addition to this the boutique also has facial and body products for purchase. 
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Thermale Reserve
I discussed the hot tubs last week so I don't want to be repetitive but as a reminder there are some hot tubs that are mandatory silence and then one that allows quiet talking.
*picture property of Balnea Spa*

Different Rooms
At Balnea Spa there are a number of different rooms that they offer including three rooms that really intrigued me. These were the silent room, the aquarium room and then the BBC Earth/Movie Room. Each room had a purpose to it and there were a certain number of seats/cushions. Because of the regulations that I was under as to not disturb anyone in these rooms I was unable to get a picture of any of them but they were definitely intriguing and spending time in each room was unique.
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As I stated last week, it was truly the most lovely day at Balnea Spa and I can't recommend it enough to anyone who might be interested. It is such a lovely experience and you will come away rejuvenated and relaxed. Please let me know if you have any questions, I am happy to answer them! I will be writing and sharing more next week about our time at the Balnea Spa so if there is anything specific you are curious about, please don't hesitate to ask!

A huge thank you to Balnea Spa for the complimentary stay and experience to stay at Le Pleasant Hotel, experience the Balnea Spa, and the delicious meals and massage on site. ALL opinions are my own. #partner #ad 

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