How To Kick Any Addiction To The Curb

August 28, 2020

Being addicted to something could be considered a chronic health problem. It’s an issue that plagues your life every single day and has a direct impact on your wellbeing. You can be addicted to so many things in life - even social media is an addiction. The telltale signs of addiction are that you find yourself doing the same thing all the time with no control over what you’re doing. It’s an impulse, you feel compelled to do that thing, or else your life won’t be complete. The best way to know you have an addiction is to see how you feel without this thing in your life. If you suspect an alcohol addiction, don’t drink for a few days. Your body will instantly shut down and scream out at you for this substance. If you feel sick and have the urge to drink to heal the pain, you’re addicted. 

Addictions are tough things that can ruin many lives. Nevertheless, you can kick your addiction to the curb. Regardless of what you’re addicted to, these rules will help you banish it and get on with your life:

Find a replacement

The hardest thing about kicking an addiction is dealing with the gaping hole in your life. If you’re used to doing something over and over again, it’s almost impossible to suddenly go without it. So, you can fill this hole with a replacement that mimics the addiction without being problematic. If you smoke, throw away the cigarettes and get some starter kits for vapes instead. You mimic the act of smoking without filling your lungs with addictive and damaging toxins. If you drink alcohol, switch to non-alcoholic drinks instead. They taste similar, but you don’t have the addictive substance. You can make the switch to your replacement a gradual process to avoid going full cold turkey. 

Occupy your mind

Addiction plays on your mind in multiple different ways. There are some very strong links between mental health and addiction - the two are heavily interlinked and can cause an ongoing spiral. If you’re having bad thoughts, you’re more likely to slip back into your addiction. This will cause more bad thoughts, so the cycle continues. To address this, look at ways to occupy your mind. Take up a hobby, go for a run, start exercising, etc. All of these ideas will fill your mind with different thoughts and can also release endorphins that make you feel happier. You don’t have time to think about your addiction, meaning you slowly go off it. 

Talk about your problem

One final note about addiction - you must talk about your problems. Reach out to friends and family and let them know of your problem. Go to support groups and speak to people there. This gets a huge weight off your chest and also creates a support network. You’re no longer alone as many other people are supporting you and making sure you kick your bad habits. 

In conclusion, addiction is a serious thing that plagues your physical and mental well being. If you spot the telltale signs of addiction in yourself, you have to take action to reclaim both your life and your health. 

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