3 Inspiring Ways To Spend Quality Time With Your Brood

August 20, 2020

If you are eager to tear your kids away from their laptops, tablets and smartphones, the chances are that you have tried every trick in the book. For some reason, the allure of screens has made any sort of worthwhile activity seem mundane and tedious to kids. We often look back at our own childhoods with rose-tinted glasses and remember playing out in the street with pals, riding bikes without a care in the world, and heading to the park whenever the sun was out. Today, technology has taken hold and staring at a screen playing a gory first-person shooter with a stranger halfway across the globe has more appeal. Take a look at how you can still spend quality time with your brood.

Family Contract
Make the idea of screen time and limiting technology a family burden. Set up a family contract that every member of the household has to sign, including you. Whip this up onto the fridge and make sure everyone in the home abides by it. You aren’t going to be an ogre and demand that all screens be banished from the house. Instead, computer and social media time will be limited. One hour a day will be the most anyone in the home can spend online - unless for homework - and extra time can be granted for great behavior or as a reward. Your kids won’t feel demonized because even the adults of the household are joining in. By being inclusive, everyone is treated equally and fairly. While screen time is limited, you can spend quality time with your brood.

Cook Together
Finding an activity that you can share and do together can be a challenge. However, asking them to help out in the kitchen is a great way to get to think about their relationship with food, while spending time with you. You might even fancy signing up for the family friend WW Kurbo eating plan, designed to get young people fitter and healthier. This is even more important during these pandemic days when children haven’t been allowed out to socialize with their friends as much. Bake cakes, cook evening meals and enjoy designing new recipes in the kitchen together. You can cook up some gastronomic delights while spending quality time together.

Get Outside
Even though your kids may adore playing on their Xbox, the chances are that they will enjoy spending quality time with you even more. Children love getting attention from their parents, so make sure you think of an outing or activity that will really blow their socks off. Think big and consider a day trip to the coast. A beach day is enough to tear any child away from their screens.  Instead, they’ll love playing with you in the sea, relaxing on the sand, playing some seaside amusements, and eating ice cream.

Spending quality time with your family needn’t be challenging if you are willing to put in the effort. Think outside the box, form a contract, get cooking, and enjoy the great outdoors. Before long, you will be making new family memories to treasure.

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