Spicing Up Your Relationship: The Things You Won’t Consider But Should

October 17, 2019

Let’s take a moment to look back in time, shall we? A time when going out was just the norm for you. You might spend hours thinking about the outfit you want to wear, a leisurely bath to kick things off, taking time to do your makeup and hair and really not starting the night out till gone 9. Fast forward a little bit and you meet the one. You enjoy endless dates doing all sorts of things, fun holidays, lie ins, late nights, and no cares in the world. Date nights were just what you did, in fact you didn’t need to call it that because you just went out whenever you wanted. The spice was always there and you probably even made a vow to one another that no matter what life throws at you, children included, that nothing would ever effect that fun and spice in your relationship. However, we know that often that isn’t the case the longer you are together. With that in mind, here are some of the things you won’t have considered that could help spice things up a little.    

Communicating and showing an interest
Communication is such an important part of any relationship. We all know that we can feel less connected with one another at times and that is understandable. You both have busy lives to lead. You both might be working long hours, one of you may be at home trying to maintain the house and your children’s lives. Sometimes life can be so hectic, financial struggles can hit, career dilemmas and problems you both have to face. Without communication, relationships can crumble under the day to day strain and stresses that can be placed on them. Don’t let the communication side of things deplete in your relationship. Take the time to ask about each others day, show an interest and ask questions. Take time to discuss things and set time aside to airy your differences. Don’t bottle things up because this can make the situation more worse than they need to be. Keeping the communication shows trust and loyalty to one another, which are both qualities that make a great relationship shine. 

The things outside of the relationship that could help 

Often there are things that you can consider doing that could help you internally when it comes to how you feel. A relationship can get a little stale, but that might not necessarily mean there is something wrong with it, it might be that you yourself are just not feeling your best. This is when taking extra care of yourself can be the answer. There are supplements you can take, vitamins and nutrients that can boost your energy levels and balance out your hormones, you could even consider trying muira puama which is known as an aphrodisiac. It could be simple things like improving your diet or even exercising more. Small changes can make a big difference, and not just to your relationship, but other aspects of your life.

Making an effort with one another 
Relationships don’t work unless they are worked on and effort is made. At the end of the day if you don’t want to make an effort then this may be the time that your relationship needs some serious consideration. Effort is something that we all might not want to make, but whether we have the energy to do so or not, we should still want to make it. If that makes sense. Take some time to really think about what works in your relationship and what doesn’t. Every relationship needs work, and there will be times where you may need to work harder at it than others. Stress and strain can really take a hold of your relationship, but if you remember the reasons as to why you fell in love in the first place then it is easy to rectify it once more. Make an effort to make your partner feel special sometimes. A coffee in bed, making food or cleaning up. Often the little things can be the things that make the biggest difference which help to reignite the passion and desire as you start to feel wanted, needed and appreciated. 

Old methods can really work
Finally, some of the tried and tested methods can still work for you it. Might be date nights out, or making an effort indoors. It could be things like communicating more, or even taking into account desires and passions that your partner has. Not all of us want to end relationships, and often working hard on the one we have can make it much better for the future. 

Let’s hope these suggestions help you add a bit of spice back into your relationship.

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