Great Tech To Take On Your Travels

December 17, 2018

Traveling and technology go hand in hand as you can’t travel anywhere without some great tech on your hands these days! If you pack the right things, then they can enhance your experience and ensure you get the most out of your trip. So, here’s some of the best tech to take with you while you travel: 
Portable Power Bank
We use our phones and other devices so much that they run out of charge incredibly quickly. Naturally, when you’re traveling, you have no idea where the nearest charging port is going to be. So, bring a portable power bank or two with you, and you’ve got instant power whenever you need it. This can help you out of many sticky situations where you need to use Google Maps to find where you’re going, but your phone is at 2%.
MacBook Air

There are loads of different laptops you can bring with you, but a Macbook air wins top prize thanks to the portability factor. You can get one that’s only slightly bigger than a tablet, and they hardly weigh a think, which makes them ideal to carry in a backpack when you’re traveling. Plus, they’re known to be great for editing videos and photos so you can make your holiday snaps look even better. Not to mention the fact you can download loads of extra software like the Endurance app to make the battery last longer or improve the device further. All in all, it’s the best laptop device out there for taking on your travels, and you can get them for cut prices if you’re a student as well!
DSLR Camera
It’s well worth investing in a DSLR camera if you’re going on holiday a lot. This is something I debated for a while before finally taking the plunge myself, and it was well worth it. In one trip alone you’ll get enough use out of it to warrant the price! Essentially, it takes your travel photography to an entirely new level, providing you with more detail than any smartphone is capable of. You really notice a difference in low-light pictures and photos of landscapes - plus close-ups and portraits, you basically see a difference in everything! These higher quality images mean they can be printed out as better quality photos as well so you can make a scrapbook or photo collage when you get home.
Smart Bluetooth Padlock Lastly, we have one of the most practical options on this list. A smart Bluetooth padlock is a regular padlock that can be unlocked via your smartphone. They usually come with partner apps that you can download, and it eliminates the worry of forgetting the code or losing the key. Now, you can safely secure your belongings inside your suitcase or bag using this lock, and there’s no way anyone can open it unless they have the app on your phone.

You may have noticed I didn’t include a smartphone on this list, mainly because I thought that’s a pretty obvious one that everyone will bring! If you have all these things with you, then you’re in a great position to remain entertained, feel secure, stay fully charged, and take amazing photos.

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