Romantic Date Ideas For Winter

December 5, 2018

Now that winter is here there is a big temptation to camp out in the house for the next few months and speak to absolutely no one in the process. But just because it is winter doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors, and there are plenty of ways you can have fun with your other half in the cold. Here are some top date night ideas for couples this winter.

Go camping
It might be winter and the weather may be a little harsh however that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a little break now and again. For a romantic weekend break you can pack up a tent, the  best portable generator you can find and plenty of blankets and head out into the countryside. When you have no phone signal it will be freeing and you will be able to truly spend time together.

Go bowling
Bowling is a sport which can be played in twos, and it can be a fun way to change up your regular night time routine for something a little more competitive. If you have a local bowling alley you can book a lane, grab some drinks and just have fun with each other for a while and this can be the best way to spend your time as a couple.

Try axe throwing
If you are used to going for dinner and a movie and you fancy trying something a little more out of your comfort zone, there is a great activity you can try: axe throwing. What better way to be together and also release some stress than to throw axes at targets and have a laugh with the person you love!

Visit an open mic night
If you are sick of being in the house all of the time binge watching Netflix, another thing you can always try is visiting either a musical show like The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance or going to a local pub for an open mic night. Open mic nights can be super fun because you can see people of all ages and styles playing around on stage and you can even get involved yourself. A couple of drinks and some entertainment can be an awesome way to spend the evening.

Go ice skating
For a winter activity which is sure to put a smile on your faces and bring you a little closer together, there is nothing better than ice skating. Ice skating is not only super festive but it is romantic and can be a great way for you both to reconnect after a tough week or month in the office in the run up to Christmas. You’ll be able to hold hands and pick each other up when you slip over and it can be a fun way to spend an evening!

Visit the Christmas markets
Christmas markets are always a fun thing to do during the festive period and many big cities have amazing markets which you simply have to visit during the evening or at the weekend. You can take a stroll through the stalls and take time to try out lots of different cheeses, meats, alcohol and other goodies. It can also be a fun place to buy some wacky gifts for family members and friends! And of course you can then sit under the tent with a glass of mulled wine and watch the world go by around you both.

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