Kind Ways To Cope With Chronic Illness

December 18, 2018

Imagine going from being full of energy and life to not being able to lift your head from the pillow. That is what many people with a chronic illness experience, not just once but over and over again. In fact being chronically ill can be just as draining on our spirit and mind as it can be on physical bodies. However, with an attitude of kindness, it is possible to live a fulfilling and satisfying life despite the burden of chronic illness, read on to find out how. 

 Forgive yourself 
 Too many victims of chronic illnesses whether they suffer from depression, lyme disease, cancer, fibromyalgia or one of the many others that are rife  in today's society, blame themselves. They may blame themselves for not living right in the past, and so contracting the disease. They can also blame themselves for not being able to do what is expected of them, or what ‘normal’ people can. 

 Of course, this is an action that just piles coals on the head of the sufferer and makes the burden even harder to bear. That is why it's hugely  important to practice forgiveness both for any past mistakes that you could have made, and as well as having an ongoing practice of forgiveness as you adapt to your new range of function while being ill. 

 Yes, I know its hard, but actually leaning to accept that you have a medical condition and that this affects what you can do it a crucial part of showing yourself kindness. Something that can help you to be more resilient when it comes to coping with a chronic illness.
 Seek treatment 
 One of the biggest kindnesses we need to demonstrate when we have a chronic illness is valuing ourselves enough to make sure that we seek, and are consistent with the treatment we need. 

 Of course, sometimes to access the right help, especially in chronic illness cases that are a consequence of being exposed to something like asbestos, we need to reach out to professional like The NBA Law Firm for help. This is because they can then help to build a case against the person or organization that was responsible for our condition. Something that can result in the sufferer being awarded compensation that can be used to pay for the medical care they need to manage their health.

 Get some outside help 
 Sometimes when we have a chronic illness sufferer, we feel as if we should isolate ourselves and cope on our own. However, this is neither a kind or practical way of coping. In fact, on occasions, we will need help from someone else to do what needs to be done. 

 This help may be from a friend or family members that can help us with day to day tasks such as hygiene and keeping your home clean and tidy. Some sufferers even employ people to act as a home help for them if everyday tasks become overwhelming. While others find it useful to join a support group populated with people that are going through a similar experience to them. An experience that can often help them develop a kinder attitude to themselves as well.

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