The Top of Rattlesnake Mountain in the Adirondack Mountains // New York

September 14, 2018

Hi y'all! Happy Friday! I hope that you have had a wonderful week! Today I am so excited to share pictures from the top of Rattlesnake Mountain. 
Y'all may have read my post on Wednesday about  a hike that I did there over Labor Day weekend. If you missed the post and are interested to find out more about this private land mountain hike, than you can do so HERE!
So one thing that should be noted for those who are interested in climbing Rattlesnake is that there are actually three "top lookout areas".
If you are not familiar with the trail you may think that you can't go any further than the first (like I thought in the picture above- hahaha!) or second lookout (because of the way the trail is not clearly marked), but definitely keep following the trail until you see the signs that show that you can't continue onto the private land area of the mountain! You won't want to climb this mountain and miss that last part! *smiles*

So all of the pictures above are from that first lookout spot. In this area you can see a bit of Lake Champlain, a brief glimpse of Willsboro Bay, and some of the Green Mountains and Vermont in the distance. The best views from this spot are those over Long Pond and the southern part of the Adirondacks. It's a beautiful spot and you won't want to miss it to see these pretty views!
At the second lookout spot you can see more of Willsboro Bay, Lake Champlain, and some of the Green Mountains in New York.
The beginning glimpses of Willsboro Bay from this second lookout spot are truly beautiful!
This second lookout area is honestly a great area to stop and spend some time at. 
I sat at this lookout for the longest time, enjoyed the view, loved meeting other hikers who came up here, and ate a snack here. It is a great spot for to have a picnic!
As you leave the 2nd lookout area and head back to the trail take a turn to your right to continue to get to the third and final lookout (the highest that you can walk on this trail). You will see a split and to the left you will see a sign that will show you that you have come to the end of hiking the trail due to it being private land and to the right you will see this pathway area that leads to the final lookout.
The views are simply stunning. It was a bit hazy on that Labor Day Saturday, but even so the views were simply incredible!
You can just see for miles and miles of this area!
I love the different tones and hues of this early fall season here in upstate New York. It is truly its own unique color pattern with the blue water becoming even more richer in color and the lighter greens from the trees and bushes starting to turn.
So I am receiving a ton of emails regarding my hiking shoes. I spoke about them HERE in a post, but for those who are curious and have asked, I truly can't recommend them enough. They are the Merrell Women's Moab 2 Mid Hiking boot. They have are awesome. You can find them HERE.
This is the perfect area to sit back and enjoy the views (or have a picnic!). It is simply a beautiful space to see Lake Champlain, the Green Mountains in Vermont, and views of Willsboro Point and Willsboro Bay!
I said this on Wednesday, but this is a beautiful piece of the Adirondack Mountains and definitely worth the time to hike to see this beautiful land and views! If you are looking for more information on the hike itself or on directions on how to get to Rattlesnake check out this post HERE!

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading about the top of Rattlesnake Mountain! Anyone have any fun plans for this weekend? I am so looking forward to it! Have a wonderful Friday y'all!

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