Hearties Family Reunion: Meeting the Cast and Crew

January 24, 2017

As I shared a couple of weeks ago, my mom and I had the special opportunity to attend the Hearties Family Reunion that took place in early December in Vancouver. If you missed it you can read more about the Hearties Family Reunion HERE. Today I am so excited to share with y'all about what took place on Saturday - as we were able to hear from the producers and Hallmark executives and the crew of When Calls the Heart and meet the cast! 
Each person that we interacted with from the cast and crew were absolutely delightful. I was absolutely impressed with the way that they were incredibly kind to each of us and made us feel like the stars of the day. Each of the stars took the time to chat with us individually and it was an absolutely wonderful day filled with lots of precious memories.
The day started out with us having the opportunity to hear from the crew and some of the When Calls the Heart producers and Janette Oke about the work that they do on set. It was so fun and amazing to hear about all of the different components that go into making this very special show.
Brian Bird asked the panel different questions and each answer helped us understand and see different parts of the show.
After this panel we had a short break before the first set of actors came out. The room held such excitement as we anxiously awaited their arrival!
When the cast came out it was precious to see how excited and surprised they were at how many of us were there! It seemed like they were a bit overwhelmed and so excited and it was neat to be able to show them how much we appreciate all of their hard work!
Erin Krakow was absolutely adorable! Her excitement for life clearly showed throughout the day!
Daniel Lissing is even more cuter in person ladies. *smiles*
Phones and cameras were out everywhere that day! I started joking around that we were the "Hearties Paparazzi". *hahaha*
Two of my favorite people from the show, Pascale Hutton and Kavan Smith were so fun. They were laughing and having a great time!
Lori Loughlin is even more stunning in person if that is possible. She was so precious and so wonderful to chat with.
Hearing fun stories about how they were cast and the fun times on set!
While we were at the Hearties Family Reunion we had the opportunity to see a little bit of the Christmas movie that aired on Christmas Day. (If you haven't seen it, it is adorable and you can purchase it off Amazon HERE.) Pascale shared about her fun entrance that she got to make when she arrives home from her honeymoon. 
I have adored Pascale's character since the first day and have loved her incredibly fun and outlandish antics. To see these two interact and Pascale talk made me appreciate her character even more. Seriously she is absolutely so fun!
Paul Greene is new to When Calls the Heart this year and we will be introduced to his character in Season 4. He was so incredibly nice and so sweet to talk with and let's be real. Absolutely gorgeous. *smiles*
After the morning panel and Q & A session we were divided into groups and we had the opportunity to meet this part of the cast and take pictures with them. Disclaimer: The pictures which I am in in this post with cast members are not my photos but are photos taken from the day from various photographers. One of the main photographers for the day was Ardra Morse. 
After we took our pictures we ate lunch and then we had a second panel with more of the cast from When Calls the Heart.
Gracyn Shinyei, who plays Emily (along with every other child star from When Calls the Heart) was so well-spoken and so sweet. She was absolutely delightful to meet!
One of the funniest things of the afternoon was sharing about the "Pastor Frank Doll" that had been in one of the prize baskets. 
It was a huge hit with not only the attendees but the cast! *smiles*
It was delightful to hear all of the cast share about their experiences and answer questions about their characters! Here are two the of the precious ladies sharing about their hopes of finding love in Hope Valley! We are all rooting for the single ladies of Hope Valley to find love! 
After this panel we again were split up into groups and had the opportunity to meet the second group of actors and actresses. Again a Disclaimer: The pictures which I am in in this post with cast members are not my photos but are photos taken from the day from various photographers. One of the main photographers for the day was Ardra Morse. 
It was such a beautiful day of meeting the cast and crew and such a delightful opportunity to interact with such beautiful humans. Again, a huge thank you to everyone who made this Hearties Family Reunion possible and to each of the cast and crew for taking your time to come. (One of the cast had even became a brand new father the night before and was still there!) I can't wait to share with y'all next week about the visit to Hope Valley (the set of When Calls the Heart)!

Happy Tuesday friends! I hope that you are having a wonderful week!


  1. That is so awesome!!!!! We don't have cable, so I didn't get to watch the Christmas movie but I really want to! I am waiting for Netflix to release Season 3!

    1. ooh yes!! I hear it is coming to Netflix on February 19th!! :) We wouldn't have cable either to be honest except at my grandmother's house it is actually CHEAPER to have a few cable stations (including Hallmark) than it is to pay for Netflix each month! Isn't that crazy?!? At home in the south it is WAY expensive- it is so crazy how it is so different in different places!!

      And PS- I won't spill any secrets but Season 3 was one of my favorites!! :)

      I hope you have a wonderful weekend- are you working this weekend?
      :) Rebecca