Amazon Audible

January 10, 2017

Today I am so excited to share with y'all a special promotion that is ending soon through Amazon that those of you who are booklovers like myself will want to try! Audible is a publisher and distributor of the world's largest selection of audiobooks and spoken word content. If you are an audible customer than you can listen anytime and anywhere to these professionally-narrated audiobooks. There are tons of genres (including best sellers, new releases, sci fi, classics, romances, and more) that are available!

Right now - for a limited time- there is the opportunity for a free 30-day trial with audible. In the 30-day free trial you will receive:

 *TWO free audiobooks
*30% off the price of additional audiobook purchases 
*Cancel anytime and keep the books! 

If you decide that you love this program (which I am sure you will!) then you can sign up for the gold membership ($14.95/each month) which entitles you to the benefits of:

*One audiobook per month
*30% off the price of additional audiobook purchases
*Cancel Anytime- and still keep the books even if you cancel!

So don't hesitate- try this amazing program for FREE today and receive TWO audiobooks! You can sign up by clicking HERE!

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