Prayers for the Single Journey for Women Book Update

August 8, 2016

Photo By: Amanda Marshall
In 2015, my book, Prayers for the Single Journey for Women was released. I shared at the time that the book was only due to the Lord's grace in providing each of the items needed for this book to come to fruition. Truly, where the Lord guides, He provides everything we need.

I have to admit that when I was first approached with writing this book I hesitated. This topic, the topic of singleness, is so near and dear to my heart that while I had been writing the book for years, I never thought I would actually have it published. And yet the Lord continues to stir this topic within my heart as I have cried and prayed with so many friends, loved ones, and readers. 

The topics in Prayers for the Single Journey for Women are all things that I have prayed through, cried through, and continue to go to the Lord about in this single journey. The book contains 52 topics (one for each week of the year) that I believe resonate deeply in the hearts of single gals and includes hundreds of scripture verses so the book can also be easily used as a devotional. 

Prayers for the Single Journey for Women was written for a wide span of age groups from women and for teenage women alike. Here are a list of the topics:
1.        Loneliness 
2.        Longing
3.        The ache to be married
4.        Feeling unbeautiful 
5.        Self-Esteem 
6.        Taking care of our bodies 
7.        Purity 
8.        Feeling unworthy due to past mistakes 
9.        Broken relationships
10.     Forgiveness 
11.     Disappointment 
12.     Rejection 
13.     Envy
14.     Comparison 
15.     Grief over how I envisioned life to be
16.     Discouragement
17.     Anger 
18.     Fear
19.     Tears 
20.     Lack of Understanding
21.     Feeling forsaken and forgotten
22.     Friday Nights
23.     Valentine’s Day 
24.     Christmas holiday 
25.     Answering the “Why aren’t you married yet” Questions 
26.     New Year's Eve 
27.     New Year's Day 
28.     Birthday 
29.     Traveling alone 
30.     Handling engagement news 
31.     When those younger get married First
32.     Attending bridal showers 
33.     Attending weddings 
34.     Loss of friends due to different seasons
35.     Longing for Children and a Family
36.     Church Fellowship
37.     Finding community 
38.     Using Time & Resources Wisely
39.     Active Waiting
40.     Contentment 
41.     Following the dreams God has given me 
42.     Living in the Present 
43.     Choosing Joy 
44.     Changing life seasons 
45.     Wisdom for the Single Journey
46.     Not Settling for less than God’s best
47.     Praying for myself as a future wife
48.     Praying for my future husband 
49.     God as my husband 
50.     Strength 
51.     Dignity 
52.     hope for the future 

As I shared above Prayers for the Single Journey for Women was something that I had been working on for years. It grew out of a time from my teaching days when I taught a class of 12th grade girls and found myself single again after a relationship ended. Throughout the years of teaching I would write some for this book behind the scenes and it continued to grow. 

Prayers for the Single Journey for Women is truly a vulnerable opening of my heart about this subject. My prayer is that it would be used by the Lord to encourage the hearts of single women that pick this up (no matter the age that they are!). Would you join me in praying this? I have received so many beautiful emails from those who have purchased the books and my heart breaks for the hurt in this journey and the lonely aching. Thank you for praying for this!

I have also received several emails asking if I will be coming out with any more single books in the future. I so appreciate that sweet question and am carefully and prayerfully considering some different things the Lord has for this area. I will definitely keep you updated and appreciate more than words can say your sweet support.

If you are interested in purchasing Prayers for the Single Journey for Women you can find it on Amazon (and where books are sold) by clicking HERE. If you would be interested in writing a review on Amazon for this book I would be happy to send you a complimentary copy- please just email me or leave a comment below with your contact information.

Thank you so much friends! I hope that you have a wonderful Monday!!


  1. While I'm not affected by my single life as much as some females I do appreciate you sharing encouragement and faith with others Rebecca. Also chapters like 'taking care of our bodies' and 'purity' do interest me. Wouldn't mind hearing someone else's perspective.

    1. Thanks Sheena-Kay! I appreciate your words of encouragement! I agree with you- I always enjoy hearing someone else's perspective on different aspects of singleness! Thanks again for your comment! I hope that you have a wonderful day!

  2. Rebecca, I would LOVE to review this book as it sounds like something that could really speak to my soul right now. I'll send you an email!

    1. Thanks so much Allie!! I sent you an email back!! You are so sweet!
      Rebecca :)