New Journals in the Shop

August 20, 2016

Happy Saturday friends! I hope that you are having a delightful weekend! It has been such an exciting and busy time for me with my little shop!! The Shop has had an increase in orders and I am so thankful to each of you who have been supporting my shop with your orders! What a blessing you are!!
I am so excited to share with y'all new items that have been added to the shop this past week!  
Y'all know that one of the shop's main staples is the altered journals that the shop offers and I am so excited to share that there have been lots of adorable new journals added to the shop!
These adorable new journals are so fun and are a wonderful gift for yourself or an affordable way to bless a loved ones birthday or to simply send as a little present to someone!
There are different options of different types of journals and many other new items! 
If you are wanting to check out the shop you can click HERE! Thank you so much for your continued support of my shop

Happy Saturday sweet friends!

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