December Caravan... the book RELEASE!!

August 23, 2016

It is HERE!! TODAY December Caravan RELEASED!!!! AHHH!!! 

Today, I rejoice greatly in all that the Lord has done. Truly it is the Lord that has brought this project to this point and this book release. I have been waiting and praying about this day for many years and specifically months now and I am so delighted to share with y'all that December Caravan is officially HERE

Thank you for all of your prayers, all of your love, and all of your support of this book. Thank you to my incredible book launch team for ALL of your amazing work in getting this book to this point. You all are incredibly. 

Thank you so much again for your support of this project. I am TRULY blessed by each of you! 

PS. Yesterday, I shared a short video of a few pictures from that beautiful, messy, hard, difficult, fun, wonderful, awful, fantastic, and most precious year that encompasses the first several chapters of the book and was the foundation for the past several years. The year that I grew up a lot. The year that everything changed. The year that extreme grace was shown. The year that I laughed way more than I cried. The year that I fell more in love with the Lord. You can find the video HERE and you can read more on my blog post from yesterday (where the video is also included) by clicking HERE.

One more thing- some of you have so kindly asked how you can help spread the word about the release of December Caravan. Last week I wrote a post entitled 12 Ways to help Your Friend's Book Release which you can find HERE

Thank you again for rejoicing with me in this amazing day! You can purchase December Caravan where books are sold, including Amazon by clicking HERE.