8 hours on the 8th is LIVE - Please Join Us!!

October 8, 2014

Help spread the word about Rebecca's Run and about Lyme Disease TODAY by participating in 8 hours on the 8th! We are asking that you change your Facebook profile picture to this for EIGHT hours on October 8th:
(Simply right click on the picture and save it) and please put in the "add a description" section the following information:

I love someone fighting Lyme Disease. Find out about Lyme Disease here: http://www.caravansonnet.com/2014/05/what-is-lyme-disease.html and Find out about Rebecca's Run here: https://www.facebook.com/Rebeccasrunforlyme where 50 % of all proceeds will go to Lyme Light Foundation.

Would you also consider posting this picture and description to your social media venues?  Thank you so much!!!

IMPORTANT: We need as many people updating their status messages as possible to make this work, so PLEASE invite your friends to join this event! Even if your friends might not know me personally, please encourage them to “donate” their status message for those 8 hours on October 8th! 

Your love and support is such a blessing! Thanks so much in advance! This will make a HUGE difference for me and and so many others fighting this illness!

Thank you so much y’all!!


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    1. Thank you so much for doing that! I am so grateful to you for spending the time to spread awareness about Lyme Disease!
      :) Rebecca
      p.s. http://www.caravansonnet.com/2014/10/thank-you.html