12 Things to Pray for the Caretakers of Someone with a Chronic Health Condition

October 16, 2014

Hello! Thank you so much for your interest in reading the 12 Things to pray for the caretakers of someone with a Chronic Health Condition!  The 12 Things to Pray EBook is now available on Amazon! You can find it HERE


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    1. Thank you so much Ladonna for stopping by and for your sweet words!! :)
      :) Rebecca
      p.s.- I wish I could have replied directly to you but unfortunately you are a "no reply blogger"! I hope to connect with you more in the future!

  2. Beautiful.... My grandma just broke her hip after having a stroke a few years back. I pray for you every day, please pray for her as well. She is 87 now and has lived a long fulfilling life. Right now my husband & I are stationed in Ft Bragg and she's in California. So all i can do for her is pray for her and send my mom money to help out.