the parcel post tribe (august) & a few pictures!

July 25, 2014

Every month around this time I write about the Parcel Post Tribe. I think because it is one of my favorite things that I do (creatively) it is so easy to express my love for this program and membership that I created and it is the only thing like it around! With a membership you receive 2 cards each month (with the CORRECT POSTAGE!!), a small gift, and a 10 % off coupon to December Caravan!! And the cost is incredibly low!! Most cards in a store are $4.00-$7.00 each and this doesn't even count the postage. For almost the price of ONE card you receive two and so much more!! PLUS all of the cards that you receive are custom made specifically for the Parcel Post Tribe and will not be seen in my etsy shop until at least a year after you receive them! Finally ALL of the proceeds go to help me pay for medical treatment and medical bills PLUS a portion of each order goes to support charity!!! 

This membership would also make a wonderful gift for a special occasion like a wedding, birthday, or moving gift or could simply be the perfect present for someone to let them know that you are thinking about them. Want to sign up?? Click HERE to read all of the details and to sign up today!!

I wanted to share with you a couple of pictures from the June Parcel Post Tribe membership. I like to wait to share pictures of the cards for a couple of months because I love for the cards to be a surprise and also for the cards to be a surprise for the people receiving them! 

For June, members received a 4th of July card and a wedding card! I quickly fell in love with both of these cards for the month! Enjoy the pictures!

4th of July Card

Wedding Card
Click HERE to sign up today! Happy Friday y'all! I hope you have a wonderful day!