Custom Storybook Bunting (Storyteller Vintage Book)

July 2, 2014

When I shared in May about the Cars & Trucks Storybook Bunting that was available in the shop I was overwhelmed (in a wonderful way!) by the response and have had a delightful time creating some additional storybook bunting (which will be available in the shop soon!) and some lovely custom storybook bunting orders! One of those orders I am so excited to share today! When "A" asked me to make a custom storybook bunting order for her daughter I was so honored and humbled. I loved this story and pictures from the vintage 1960s storyteller book and loved how this order turned out! I hope y'all enjoy these pictures as much I enjoyed creating this! *smiles*
Despite the fact that the book was vintage the colors and pages looked brand new. I love using quality vintage pieces for items in my shop.
The colors were so vibrant for each page!
The color, drawings, and detail for each picture was exquisite. It was such a delight to work with!
This was one of my favorite pages!
For each page I had a delightful time adding gorgeous ribbon, pretty glittering, and lovely vintage lace. I love adding embellishments that highlight these sweet vintage stories.
Thank you so much again "A" for your order and for the opportunity to create such a delightful bunting! 
If you are interested in ordering a custom storybook bunting you can click HERE for a 6 foot garland or HERE for a 12 foot garland. Interested in a different custom order? Email me and lets chat!

Thank you again y'all for all of your support of my shop!


  1. Okay so we are doing Mickey Mouse for CTs birthday. Do you think we could do a storybook bunting of that?

    1. :) Hey! Yes, I definitely can do that. I have several adorable Mickey Mouse book options that might be a great fit! I sent you an email with the information that I would need from you and then I can go ahead and send you some thoughts and ideas to see if you think it would be a great fit. If after that you think it is then I will set up a special custom order listing in my etsy shop for you! :) I look forward to working with you lady!
      :) Rebecca

  2. It was such a pleasure working with you too! Both kids love their buntings. C (2.5 years) will say "thank you for my, my, what's that called?" :) I will send pictures soon!