Stella & Dot Trunk Show Fundraiser

July 21, 2014

I am constantly overwhelmed by the kindness and the support of so many people in this journey. While many times illness can be an isolating circumstance I have found that those times have been so rare in my journey because of the love of dear friends and the body of Christ that comes to support me and my family. One of those lovely people is Caroline, the sweet and encouraging blogger behind In Due Time. With absolutely no gain to herself Caroline has behind the scenes quietly and lovingly encouraged me for the past year. She has faithfully read my blog and commented with beautiful "life" words, has prayed countless prayers on my behalf, has cried with me through some very difficult and dark nights, and has showed me the love of Christ in a thousand different ways. Caroline loves practically and sacrificially and has financially supported me numerous times throughout this journey. In addition to that Caroline actually went and ran Rebecca's Run back in October 2013! When I got her message I promptly burst into tears that she gave up a Saturday to do that for me. She is absolutely wonderful. I was blown away and so humbled when she offered to donate her commission and host a Stella & Dot Trunk Show party for me to help raise money for treatment. Honestly I kind of resisted at first because being sick and needing fiances is highly emotional. Caroline immediately responded that "this is what the body of Christ is for". Yes, I again broke down in tears. 

I am so grateful to you Caroline for your sweet support, your numerous prayers, and your kindness in getting involved in my life and walking this journey with me. I am so honored to call you a friend!

If you would like to join in on the fundraiser you can click HERE!! Could you help us get the word out and spread the word via social media? Thank you so much! You can invite people to join in the Facebook  group (it is open to all!) which will share information by clicking HERE! Most of all I am extremely grateful for your continued prayers, your sweet friendships, and your love in this journey. Thank you so much friend!

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  1. Yes yes!!! LOVE you friend!!!!! I want to raise $2K for you!!!!! Let's make this happen and get you healed and better. Believing big things ahead and that God makes ALL things new!!!