Storybook Bunting: Lyle, Lyle Crocodile

July 13, 2014

Y'all, I have fallen in love with this storybook bunting that I am sharing today. It has some of my favorite qualities: children's books, adorable embellishments, lovely twine, and pretty scrapbook paper. *happy sigh*
This sweet bunting features the children's book "Lyle, Lyle Crocodile" matted on acid free double-sided scrapbook paper. 
This beautiful storybook bunting measures approximately 13 feet long and is hand strung together with adorable bright green twine.
This gorgeous bunting is a rare treasure as it can be used to decorate for a baby shower, used as decor in a child's bedroom, or used as a book to read to a child (or ALL three!). Each page from this child's book has been carefully preserved and the colors are vivid.
In addition to the wonderful color the writing is very clear so that several of the pages writings shows and can be easily read. Each page has unique detail and embellishments (including clear glitter, bright blue&white straws, ribbon, hand-stitched aspects, and twine). 
This beautiful garland is a perfect addition for a baby room, party, or any event that you are hosting for a child. Looking for a lovely gift to give someone or to give to a youngster for their birthday? This would be perfect!
If you are interested in purchasing this simply click HERE!

**Do you like this idea but not the colors, length, design, or book? I am happy to work with you to create your perfect look! If you are interested in a custom or bulk order please contact me! I would be happy to work with you!**

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