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Thursday Health Thoughts: Organized Health Notebook- Part 1

Caravan Sonnet Blog
As I mentioned before my hope on Thursdays is to share some tips and thoughts that I have learned and am still learning that may help you or someone you know. Today I just wanted to share with you about making an organized health notebook that may be helpful to anyone (whether you are struggling with illness or not!). 

One critical thing that I have learned over the years is the importance of keeping a health notebook that is well organized. It took me many years to get this "down" to a system that worked well for me and that was easy to get out papers quickly if a doctor or a nurse needed to copy information. If you have been diagnosed with a chronic illness you know that you can feel that things are out of control with the vast amount of information that is thrown at you (from doctors and from your own research ;)) and the hundreds of questions that you have. In addition to this a variety of different doctors visits, medicines, insurance information, etc. brings with it A TON of paperwork that needs to be well organized. I have found that since I implemented this simple decision of having an organized this medical notebook that I have received even better care.

Why Should You have a Medical Notebook?
If you have a chronic or serious illness it is a good probability that you will have to see many doctors and there is the real possibility of emergency room visits and hospitalization at a somewhat regular occurance. Because of this it is very important to have a medical notebook that has all the vital information that has your condition, history, and current care. I would suggest that you bring this notebook to every doctors' visit, emergency room (if possible) and hospitalization. Also, take this with you if you travel. 

First, I used pretty scrapbook paper to cover old manila folders.

Before:Caravan Sonnet Blog
After:Caravan Sonnet Blog
Second, I used tabs to label each of the sections and added a few details to the back of the folders:

Caravan Sonnet Blog
Caravan Sonnet Blog
Caravan Sonnet Blog
Third, I using the same scrapbook paper as I did on the inside folders I put pretty scrapbook paper in the outside. {Yes, if you look closely you can see that the paper on the front of the notebook says: "dwell in possibility". I love this!}
Caravan Sonnet Blog
Fourth, I took my huge stack of paper and organized it by putting it into clear protective covers. Then, using post-it-note tabs I labeled some of these protective covers so things could be easily located and seen.
Caravan Sonnet Blog
Here is the final product which I am THRILLED with! :)Caravan Sonnet BlogCaravan Sonnet Blog
So what are the different sections that I have included? Stay tuned next week for part 2 of an Organized Health Notebook.* smiles *


  1. Look how creative!! Why can't I do this lol

    By the way I nominated your blog for the Liebster Award. Check it our here! :)


    1. Christin ~ Thank you so much for stopping by and for your kindness in nominating me! WOW. :) I am honored!! THANK YOU again for stopping by!! :)

  2. Oh! This is really smart! And something I totally need to implement - for both of us, but especially me! I can't wait for part 2... I may get a bigger binder and have a couple extra sections for daily blood sugar logs and CGM graphs. Fun! (Oh sheesh - did I just say that about medical stuff? Pretty paper really CAN make ANYthing better, lol ;-) )

    1. Katie!! :) Thank you so much for stopping by! :) hahaha yes... pretty paper can make EVERYTHING better ~ even our health notebooks! :)

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