early swim in the lake

June 5, 2024


Some of my earliest childhood memories involve my love of water and swimming, boating, and fun adventures in the lake. A fun childhood memory was having a "competition" of who could get into the water first. Admittedly, it was never me. *smiles*

I remember though one summer where the weather was exceptionally warm and getting in the lake before June 20th. I thought that was amazing. 

Last night after work I was in for another surprise and simple delight. I had gone down the shore to start work on opening up the shore, carrying beach items down, and preparing for opening up the dock, etc. I also wanted to work on our pathway and needed to start throwing some rocks. As I bent over in the water to throw rocks, I was amazed at how warm it was. I was so hot that I decided to go in for a spontaneous swim. 

Y'all. It was so much fun. Earliest swim in my life now on record (June 4th). 

Hello summer. You are going to be beautiful!

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