sandcastle inn by irene hannon book review

May 2, 2024

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Discovering Irene Hannon's books years ago was such a delightful treat. I have enjoyed her mysteries a lot and over the years there have been different ones that I have thought were really great. They are clean (not graphic) and have great character development along with an interesting story and plot line. When I had a chance to receive and review a new cozy romance book of hers, Sandcastle Inn I jumped at the chance. I was introduced to the precious world of Hope Harbor through this book and have immediately fallen in love and can't wait to read more from this series (there are a total of 10 books in the series). 

Sandcastle Inn is the sweetest story of restoration and hope. A story about a woman (Vienna) who has unfortunately lost her job unexpectedly and has come to visit her mom who lives in the town of Hope Harbor encounters a beautiful town filled with characters who are weaving hope into each person that they encounter. I immediately felt like I knew everyone from Irene's rich descriptions (even down to her precious story of incorporating two sea gulls) and immediately wanted to know more about other characters in the book (who have been written about in previous books I would learn). 

The sweet romance when Vienna meets Matt (another visitor to the town) was truly lovely. Both of them had experienced loss in different ways and the way that Irene wove this loss into restoration will give you hope in your own situations. I also loved the way that Irene included several different story lines involving another young couple who were in a desperate financial situation due to the actions of someone else. The gentle reminder of the Lord's provision through their story was one that really impacted me and brought this story alive in a deep way. 

The beautiful setting near the ocean, the characters that have such a rich depth to them and the way that Irene Hannon weaves a tale of faith and hope in Sandcastle Inn was simply lovely. I can't wait to check out more books in this series! 
caravan sonnet
I mentioned above that this book is part of the Hope Harbor Series. This book is number 10 and if you have not read any of the other books (as I had not) do not feel like you will be missing out or not understanding the characters. In fact it was the opposite for me- I wanted to go and find out more of the stories from this precious town! And good news- just in time for summer relaxing reading days- there are ten books in the series and Irene has announced that she will be writing two more of this series! You can find the entire series on Amazon HERE!

You can find Sandcastle Inn to purchase HERE!

Looking for a mystery book from Irene Hannon? I always love a good Irene Hannon mystery. They are all well written, what I would deem a "cozy mystery" with a touch of a bit of romance. They are always an enjoyable read. If you are looking for a light-hearted mystery, this one would be perfect! Here are a few of her mysteries that I have loved and that I would recommend:

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