Create A Garage That You Can Do More Than Store Your Car

May 28, 2024

 Garages are utilitarian outposts that serve to store things. They house everything from your car and bicycles to yard tools and snow equipment. More often than not, garages turn into storage units themselves that protect the overflow of belongings you have accumulated over the years. If this rings true for you, it is time to take back your garage and make it into a space you can enjoy and store your car sonnet

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Cover the Floor

Garage floors are not known for their beauty, and most people do not pay too much attention to them. Change your approach to your garage floor since you will be spending more time out there, and give it the special treatment.

Contact the experts for the best garage floor coatings available. Choose from a variety of coating finishes, tints and colors, and flake colors to find the right one for you. Once you are done you will be amazed at how good the garage looks and how much easier it is to keep clean.

Install Shelving and Storage Solutions

Just because you want to upgrade your garage space does not mean you will magically get rid of everything you store inside. In the realm of realism, you will probably keep many of the items you had stored previously. Now the question is how to keep them out of the way yet still organized and accessible.

The answer is to invest in smart storage solutions. Use wall-mounted sports and tool storage racks and brackets to keep things off the floor. Install utility cabinets that look great and keep your tools organized and undercover.

One of the most overlooked spaces in any garage is the ceiling. Use this underutilized area and install ceiling-mounted shelves to store items you do not access often, such as old mementos or seasonal gear. Invest in totes to store your belongings to ensure a uniform size before making the shelves, and be sure they fit above the garage door when closed.

Watch this video to learn how to make above garage door shelving on your own.

Paint Your Space

Once you have the shelving and storage components in place, it is time to get creative with the interior color. Painting the garage walls will take the transformation a step further. Choose a color that compliments your home’s interior, the garage’s exterior, or something completely different to give it a new vibe.

Take the time to paint the entire interior to cover any old scuff marks and wear and tear. A fresh coat of paint is something easy you can do for a big impact right away.

Add an Entertainment Area

Can you imagine pulling up to your garage, opening the door, and finding an inviting place to hang out? Well, imagine no more. If you have space around where your car sits inside the garage, you should consider installing a seating area. Anything from a bar with adjacent stools where everyone can grab the beverage of their choice to a modular couch you can arrange and rearrange depending on your seating needs and activities will be perfect.

You should also add a smart TV and coordinating speakers. What could be more fun than watching the big game in such a fun new space? You can place the TV behind the bar or on a wall opposite the couch for the best seats in town.

Add More Lighting

Lights are important in any garage, especially if you work out there or store things, such as tools that you want to be able to find in a pinch. However, now that you will be spending more time out there, you need to be mindful of what different types of lighting can offer you.

Bright, overhead fluorescent lights are great for large projects where you need the whole garage illuminated. Alternatively, canned lighting or specifically spaced spotlights can give you a whole different mood and offer a softer feel when entertaining instead of working. Keep these different lighting solutions on separate switches and add a dimmer switch to anything that is not fluorescent to give you greater control. A fun addition is to use color-changing bulbs.

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Use these ideas to create the garage of your dreams. Not only can you store your dream car inside, but you can invite your friends over, too. Host a Ladies' Night in your recently upgraded garage where the flooring is eye-catching and fresh, and the excess you own is no longer a problem because it is stored safely out of sight. And always remember to take care of your car to avoid any problems and prevent damage in your new favorite room - the garage! 

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