five tender years

May 31, 2024


caravan sonnet
5 years later of your home going to Heaven yesterday and I have tears of gratitude at the love, laughter, and faith that you bestowed so amazingly on me as a daughter. 
caravan sonnet
11 years ago when these pictures were taken we were looking at prognosis after prognosis of no hope. But on this “walk” (if you could call it that because I was to sick and weak to walk and had to be basically carried by my dad) my precious daddy spoke words of truth and life and love over me as he had always done for my entire life. He believed the impossible (even when the “best doctors in the world” said differently) and believed in a future I was to sick to even comprehend… every single day I am grateful for the honor of being known as “Paul’s daughter”. 

I miss you so so much daddy and can hear you cheering me on each and every day to love Jesus above anything else….

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