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November 7, 2023


caravan sonnet- passive income

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 These past 10 days have been SO busy. Moving out of the cabins, back into the house, starting the process of unpacking from cross country moves, going through things at the house, working a full time job, seeing to other personal commitments and responsibilities and most of all spending time with those I treasure the most has been BUSY. And all throughout it- without even doing anything- or even posting much on social media- I was selling numerous digital products that I created/sell throughout the day without doing ANYTHING. My systems were set up and in place and I was able to be fully present. Friends, If I can do this SO CAN YOU!

I'm telling you, if you're willing to put in the work and you: DON'T GIVE UP, you will be amazed. Imagine what your answered prayers could look like in just TWO months.

I have put out so many different digital products through the years- mainly in the areas of teacher resources and blogging resources. BUT it wasn't until I understood how to truly do it- and make sales that my life changed. Yes, it can take time, but today can be the beginning of your journey and answer to your prayer. Imagine where you will be in two months! Start today! Click HERE!

After being in the online space for ten years and taking a $7 course that was the beginning of this amazing journey, two months ago I saw my life begin to change in ways that my small prayers could never have imagined.

To help you start your journey, I have put everything together in my FREE guide. And there are TWO options (one geared for college students specifically!). I have people who start making money with selling just ONE digital course the DAY that they start. You never know how your journey will begin - but you can begin today. Comment "Guide" and I will send you My FREE guide so you can start your journey today!

Check out my reel on instagram (click HERE)

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