*UPDATED- 2.0 UPDATED* - digital marketing course with master resell rights included

November 6, 2023

caravan sonnet

**Updated on November 6th to include the ROADMAP 2.0 Information**

Where to Purchase: 

We have made this course available to purchase from the following places: 

Directly from Caravan Sonnet School: Click HERE

From Rebecca's Stan Store: Click HERE

From TPT: Click HERE

From December Caravan Etsy Shop: Click HERE

Friends, Thank you so much for all of the messages, love, and support over the announcement this weekend of Caravan Sonnet School! There are SO many exciting things that will be coming up with this, but today I am wanting to share about our first course that we are offering! 

This is a digital marketing course that comes with Master Resell Rights!!! You can read ALL the information about the course HERE! 

This course literally changed my work life this year and I am SO excited to offer it as one of the first courses that Caravan Sonnet School will offer. You can read my story about the course below:

caravan sonnet
Ready to sign up? Click HERE!

Caravan Sonnet School Digital Marketing Course is a transformational experience that encompasses every single element that you need to know to learn digital marketing. For less than $500 you will learn the skills to transform your online stores and streams of passive income that you may want to create! The beautiful thing is that you also will have this course to sell as one of your first digital products because you will own the Master Resell Rights to this course!!

Key Things About this Course:

  • perfect for beginners & experts alike
  • lifetime access to more than 90-  NOW 147 (!!!!)easy to use training modules
  • certificate of completion from caravan sonnet school
  • complete ownership of the course with master resell rights for 100% profit (no upsells!)
  • payment plans available (click HERE!)
caravan sonnet

Program Details:

  • education + complete ownership of this digital product
  • Study at your own pace
  • Live sessions with experts
  • Business Development, Marketing, Automation, Branding Training

Join an AMAZING community of over 15,000+ people enrolled who are creating thriving digital marketing businesses in their spare time!! With this course you can create an amazing brand and business in your spare time! In your free time you will be able to start a thriving digital marketing business, all thanks to the digital marketing course!

What Alumni are Saying about this course:

"Purchasing this product has been LIFE-CHANGING! I have tried selling everything under the sun to be able to work from home but I was just out of pocket trying to learn. I have a family here. I love everything about the community and I can't say enough about this beginner friendly course either. My only regret is not getting in sooner! It took me a whole ONE MONTH to make this my full-time income and live more comfortably than EVER before!" // Courtney K//

"This course changed my life crying happy tears rn. Just sealed a brand deal for more money than I ever dreamed possible with my pharmacist page-that only became ANYTHING BC of the training I got from RTR. This has NOTHING to do with reselling the course, which I obviously do because who doesnt like extra income for talking about something that changed your life???? But I encourage everyone to look into other ways to use this training as well!!!!! Resell of course but it's done so much for me outside of that. You can do so much with this knowledge and achieve more than you can imagine." //Jamie//

Read More Testimonials by CLICKING HERE!

Additional Details:

  • Over 90+ Detailed Video Modules!
  • Lifetime Access and Updates!
  • Ready-To-Sell Digital Product! Yes, the course itself is your product to own! Once you purchase, it's yours to rebrand/resell. You keep 100% of the profits!

More about the Modules:

  1. Module 1: Introduction to Digital Entrepreneurialism- Learn about the emergence of digital entrepreneurialism and how you can become your own expert in online business, digital marketing, branding, sales automation, and so much more!
  2. Module 2: How to Setup Automation in Your Business-Learn all about building your own sales process for this course, how to customize your own funnel and how to brand your own business for the Master Resell Rights.
  3. Module 3: Optimize Your Sales Process- In this module you will learn ways to drive sales and optimize your sales process. Learn how to drive more sales on demand, how to optimize your sales process and how to trouble shoot any sales process issues you may encounter.
  4. Module 4: Email Marketing- In this module you will learn all about email marketing for automated follow ups with your business. step-by-step guide to set up your email marketing, from linking professional emails to crafting impactful newsletters.
  5. Module 5: Branding Expansion- Learn how to truly set yourself apart from other brands and how to take your branding to the next level in this module.
  6. Module 6: Content StrategyLearn in this module all about how to create high value and high converting content to help you make more sales in your business.
  7. Module 7: SEO Training- In this module you will learn the High Income Skill of Search Engine Optimization to Raise Awareness for your brand.
  8. Module 8: Success Mindset- Built by over 5000+ entrepreneurs, this module will help you master your mindset which is vital to success. You will get to hear from community members and the mindset practices they take to succeed.
  9. Module 9: Platforms to Market On- Learn in this section all about the platforms that you can use to market your business and how to use each one the right way for your success.
  10. Module 10: Business Tools- Learn in this section all about different interactive tools that you can use to help you grow your business!
  11. Additional Modules- All of the above modules and MORE are included in this course. Learn about passion building, how use the master resell rights for this course, and so much more!

The 2.0 Version has added SO MUCH including Affiliate Marketing, etc!! Y'all it is AMAZING. 
caravan sonnet

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included with this purchase? In addition to the course itself you will be able to gain access to a supportive community of over 5,000 entrepreneurs and business owners! This community has experts from all different fields, all different experience levels, and all different backgrounds offering assistance and community support! You will also have direct access to Rebecca for any additional questions or inquires you may have regarding this course!

Do I have to resell the course? Absolutely Not!

How can I earn 100% profit with this course? Master Resell Rights means that when you purchase this course you are not only purchasing a comprehensive educational course on digital marketing but you are also purchasing the rights to the course and will also own the course! This means you are legally able to sell it for 100% of the profits! Each time someone purchases the course from you the cost of the course will go directly to you and not a third party vendor.

Are there any additional costs? Any upsells? There are absolutely NO HIDDEN FEES! You pay a one time course fee and you receive absolutely EVERYTHING you need to get started. You also receive any additional training modules added to the course for FREE!

Is the course accessible on different devices including computers, smartphones, tablets, etc? Yes! You can access the course on ANY device of your choice by simply downloading Kajabi (where the course is hosted on).

Is this course entirely self-paced or are there live sessions/community interactive components? This course is entirely self-paced but there are also weekly live sessions entitled "Business Development and Marketing Strategy" that can be attended. You can also access recorded replays of these sessions for your convenience. In addition to these opportunities there is a thriving and active online community that you have access to. In short this course is designed for you in mind. You are able to make this as self-paced and individual as you want or as community oriented as your time allows. Whatever route you choose you will find this successful.

Ready to begin? Purchase TODAY to join the community of 15,000+ ENTREPRENEURS ALREADY ENROLLED! Click HERE to begin! We can't wait to welcome you into Caravan Sonnet School! 

Where to Purchase: 

We have made this course available to purchase from the following places: 

Directly from Caravan Sonnet School: Click HERE

From Rebecca's Stan Store: Click HERE

From TPT: Click HERE

From December Caravan Etsy Shop: Click HERE

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