does your home need a makeover? 11 obvious signs

November 3, 2023

No matter how perfect you build a home, it will require a makeover to maintain its value over time. Homeowners may postpone remodeling because of the stress and costs involved. However, disregarding the obvious signs of deterioration could result in more expensive fixes in the long run. Undertaking home renovation projects doesn’t only show you value your property; some projects are crucial to increase safety, boost privacy, and conserve energy. Here are eleven strong signs that could mean you need to renovate your home now.

  1. Outdated flooring

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Dilapidated flooring is an obvious sign you need to remodel your home professionally. Bathroom and kitchen floors often show signs of wear and tear with time. The appearance of cracks, stains, and dents may mean you have to replace the flooring. Since bathrooms and kitchens are deal breakers for homeowners, you must modernize the flooring, particularly if you plan to sell the property. When buying materials, factor in the room’s functionality and occupants. Ceramic tiles, laminate flooring, and carpets work fine at home with kids. But if you host seniors in the building, ensure your choice option will not cause slippage and falls. 

  1. Damaged roofing

You should replace your roof every thirty years. Although checking the roof can be challenging, you get a good ladder and climb to inspect. Alternatively, it would be best to hire a professional roofing contractor to check it regularly, especially if you don’t like heights. The roof is the home’s first defense against harsh elements, so ignoring the signs of damage is a terrible idea. Take action once you experience leaking, missing shingles, corrosion, and discoloration. These are some signs your roof may be damaged. Replace asphalt shingles older than twenty years, even if they appear good. 

  1. Outdated house design

Does your house look like an old structure in the 1950s? The design may be archaic and needs a modern revamp. The linoleum in the kitchen and the bright brass bathroom fixtures may be too old-fashioned after thirty years. Or, the fireplace in the living room resembles a relic from the 60s. Moreover, dark-stained cabinets in the kitchen may create the impression of cooking in a bad place. Whatever the situation is, adding a contemporary touch to your home is always worth the investment.  With today’s advances in residential architecture and housing trends, updating your home is a good decision. Modernizing the design will raise your home’s value and curb appeal and make it easy to sell in the future. 

  1. You require extra rooms

Your family size or lifestyle may shift with time, increasing your need for more rooms. When your kids reach an age where they need more privacy, cramped homes may signal you have to consider extensions to boost the living spaces. Hiring an architect is worth it in that case; they can help plan for changes in the layout and build additional rooms to maximize the space. Better yet, you can add extensions without changing your home’s layout, so feel free to consider this. 

  1. You constantly make repairs

While home repairs are inevitable, the same things breaking down every time may indicate you have to make a major renovation. Full-scale renovations will allow you to declutter the space and organize your home so you can solve problems once and for all. Remodeling helps you avoid the recurring costs of repairing broken things repeatedly.

  1. Leaky pipes

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Leaks can be difficult to spot, yet they can destroy a home. Many homeowners make mistakes by putting off pipe repairs until the problem is severe. When pipes start leaking, it's time to call a plumber for major repairs. Plumbing systems transport water and waste throughout the building. A damaged pipe can affect your landscaping, cause water damage, and compromise the building's foundation. Therefore, always address leaky pipes in time.\

  1. Old and drafty windows

Aged windows may be difficult to open and close. They don’t only decrease your home's energy efficiency but can impact airflow and harm the visual appeal of the property. Replacing the windows with ultramodern solutions removes the need for regular maintenance. This will keep your residence secure, so keep this in mind. Replacement windows now feature high-security locking to keep intruders at bay for your peace of mind. 

Not only will new windows enhance your home’s curb appeal, but they will also provide better noise and UV protection. 

It’s worth noting that UV rays from the sun penetrate the windows and can cause furniture and curtains to fade quickly. Artwork and wall photographs are not immune. Therefore, consider upgrading to double-glazed windows to minimize UV light and reduce interior fading by up to 90%. As a tip, work with professional window installers like Renewal by Andersen windows to get the best results. Experienced technicians and master installers can transform your windows and patio doors, unlocking unrivaled beauty and energy efficiency.

  1. Termite infestation

If your home is untidy or prone to moisture, termites may visit you sooner or later. Termite infestation is a concrete signal your house requires substantial renovation. When not eliminated, termites can invade your entire property, devouring all the wooden materials they can find and harming the structural integrity of your home. The appearance of termites in your home implies you have weak, old, or substandard structures. Investigate which areas harbor these critters and act as soon as possible. 

These pests move quickly; they may hide in the corners and wreak havoc that goes unseen. Significant termite damage can result in expensive repairs, hitting thousands of dollars. Like other pests, removing termites can be hectic. Consulting a professional is advisable to eliminate them from the property before you start the renovation.

  1. Utility bills are rising

Do your monthly energy bills continue to soar despite your efforts to reduce consumption? Your home may need a proper remodel to boost its energy efficiency. Old HVAC units and poor insulation around the door could be the culprits causing your high utility bills. Consider a revamp in such cases to build an energy-efficient home.

  1. Worn out paint

Cracked, faded, or worn-out paint is an obvious sign of an aged home. Prolonged exposure to external elements like sunlight, chemicals, and dirt can destroy the paint. Consider painting the building if you notice this problem. Applying a new coating on the walls will protect your home from deterioration and make it shine again. You should note that your paint choice is also important. As a tip, opt for eco-friendly options, as conventional paint has high VOC content that can pollute your indoor air. 

  1. The space doesn't function well

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When you struggle to cook because the counter space in the kitchen is insufficient or you run out of room for storage, it’s time to renovate. A home that doesn't function properly for your everyday life may not be worth staying in. Call experienced architects to explore the property and recommend the right renovations to increase your quality of life at home. One idea is to refurbish the kitchen and incorporate more storage units and workspaces to accommodate your needs. You may require a walk-in closet or an in-built entertainment center around the living room’s fireplace to make the place more fun. Whatever the problem is, there is always a practical solution, so keep this in mind. 

Your home will require renovations at some point, and ignoring it may not be the best idea. Thankfully, certain tell-tale signs will tell you when the time is right. You can go through those discussed above for a more informed decision. 

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