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August 20, 2023


caravan sonnet

I am SO excited to announce a HUGE project that I have been working on throughout this entire last year and this summer... caravan sonnet school. This has been a dream of mine to create a school that is creative and educational, where anyone can learn, be inspired and challenged with engaging courses, practical assignments, and easy to use resources. A transformational educational place where people can grow, dream, educate themselves and then go out and change the world in which they live. 

Come and join us for an uncommon year... and join a thriving community of people who are expecting more out of this year and out of life! 

In the days and weeks ahead I look forward to sharing more behind the scenes stories, ways to get involved and take courses, and so much more, but for today, I hope you will take a moment and rejoice in this HUGE milestone. 

We are also so excited to announce that we have an AMAZING course that is available for this fall: 
caravan sonnet

I will be sharing more about this course tomorrow, but if you are eager to join in and start the process of changing your life today... you can purchase the course HERE and join the THRIVING community of more than 5,000+ entrepreneurs taking this course and changing their lives! 

Happy Sunday friends, thank you for rejoicing with this exciting new season, direction, and adventure of Caravan Sonnet!

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