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August 28, 2023


caravan sonnet

Friends, Thank you so much for all of the messages, love, and support over the announcement last week about Caravan Sonnet School and the first course that is being offered!! I am beyond thrilled about all of the excitement and all of those who have signed up for the digital marketing course that comes with Master Resell Rights!!! You can read ALL the information about the course HERE

This course literally changed my work life this summer and I am SO excited to offer it the first course that Caravan Sonnet School will offer. You can read my story about the course below: 

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Today I wanted to take some time and answer some of the most frequently asked questions that I am receiving! I answered some of these over on Instagram (you can see more HERE and HERE) so feel free to also connect there but today I hope to go a bit more in depth than Instagram allows! *smiles*
caravan sonnet
1. What is the Digital Marketing Course? 
Caravan Sonnet School Digital Marketing Course is a transformational experience that encompasses every single element that you need to know to learn digital marketing. For less than $500 you will learn the skills to transform your online stores and streams of passive income that you may want to create! The beautiful thing is that you also will have this course to sell as one of your first digital products because you will own the Master Resell Rights to this course!!

Key Things About this Course:

  • perfect for beginners & experts alike
  • lifetime access to more than 90-easy to use training modules
  • certificate of completion from caravan sonnet school
  • complete ownership of the course with master resell rights for 100% profit (no upsells!)
  • payment plans available (click HERE!)
caravan sonnet

2. What are the training videos/modules about in the Course?

  1. Module 1: Introduction to Digital Entrepreneurialism- Learn about the emergence of digital entrepreneurialism and how you can become your own expert in online business, digital marketing, branding, sales automation, and so much more!
  2. Module 2: How to Setup Automation in Your Business-Learn all about building your own sales process for this course, how to customize your own funnel and how to brand your own business for the Master Resell Rights.
  3. Module 3: Optimize Your Sales Process- In this module you will learn ways to drive sales and optimize your sales process. Learn how to drive more sales on demand, how to optimize your sales process and how to trouble shoot any sales process issues you may encounter.
  4. Module 4: Email Marketing- In this module you will learn all about email marketing for automated follow ups with your business. step-by-step guide to set up your email marketing, from linking professional emails to crafting impactful newsletters.
  5. Module 5: Branding Expansion- Learn how to truly set yourself apart from other brands and how to take your branding to the next level in this module.
  6. Module 6: Content StrategyLearn in this module all about how to create high value and high converting content to help you make more sales in your business.
  7. Module 7: SEO Training- In this module you will learn the High Income Skill of Search Engine Optimization to Raise Awareness for your brand.
  8. Module 8: Success Mindset- Built by over 5000+ entrepreneurs, this module will help you master your mindset which is vital to success. You will get to hear from community members and the mindset practices they take to succeed.
  9. Module 9: Platforms to Market On- Learn in this section all about the platforms that you can use to market your business and how to use each one the right way for your success.
  10. Module 10: Business Tools- Learn in this section all about different interactive tools that you can use to help you grow your business!
  11. Additional Modules- All of the above modules and MORE are included in this course. Learn about passion building, how use the master resell rights for this course, and so much more!
caravan sonnet
3. Is this course the same thing as the Roadmap to Riches Course that is going viral right now?
I think that you are asking if the Digital Marketing Course(DMC) that I offer is the same thing as the Roadmap course. So the DMC that I sell is the Roadmap to Riches course rebranded to my brand. When you purchase the course you get Master Resell Rights and you can rebrand it too when when you purchase it. You will receive total access to the community. You will also have full access to all of the updates, live trainings, and full modules. You also will have the ability to connect with others in the community which has been absolutely invaluable to me. 
caravan sonnet
4. Long-Time follower. I live in Canada would this work for me?
The beautiful thing about passive income is that you can work from ANYWHERE as long as you have access to internet. There are many people have purchased the course who are from all over the world! I would start with my FREE ebook guide for lots of great tips on easy places to begin your journey no matter where in the world you live! 

5. I am not comfortable talking on reels/videos can Digital Marketing still be something I can do?
Absolutely! For all different reasons people don't want to be "on screen" or life responsibilities don't allow them the freedom to make videos all the time. I totally understand. This is personally a season for me where I do not have as much time to make videos so I do a lot more sharing in different ways. Honestly you don't even need to use social media venues that have an audience that expects this. You learn a ton of different ways to run a digital marketing business and how to advertise for it through my course, but please don't ever let that be the reason you don't pursue it. 

6. How long does it take to go through the course/set everything up?
It takes people different amounts of time depending on what you are planning to do. If you are simply asking about how long it takes to resell the course after purchasing it some people finished that part in a couple of hours. Others like me wanted to actually take the ENTIRE course before selling it so that I could honestly speak about to y'all and to those I love and respect. I don't want to waste anyone's time or money. For me it took about 6-8 hours seeing everything up after I completed the course but I also had to mine in chunks of time because of current life responsibilities. 
caravan sonnet
7. I don't own a business - just a college student looking for ways to pay for school. Is this something for me?

This is for anyone who is looking to understand, learn, and bring in passive income. 

There are so many people in the online digital marketing world that are in their early 20s (and younger!) who are doing incredible things. It is honestly inspiring and challenges me to push my limits on what I think I can do in this space. 

When I used to teach personal finance I took a concentrated effort to mention passive income through the year. When I teach the course again I literally making this a dedicated topic for 1-2 weeks right along with learning how to file taxes, budget, save, etc. It is my absolute one regret of teaching that I didn't know more about this world until now. 

8. Is this an MLM?
Nothing about the courses I sell or the passive income I receive is related to MLMs. I understand if you have felt hurt by those in the past. I have sweet friends whoa re doing amazing things in that arena but when I tried two different times I came away wounded and wasting a lot of money. To be honest that just wasn't my arena and that is okay. If you do participate in MLMs you can learn a ton by applying these skills but nothing about what I sell or promote across my brand is like that. I love empowering people to follow after where they are called to be and doing what their love and gifting are out of what you personally create and do. People are SO talented and creative. I love being just a very small part of that story! 
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9. Do you have to have a large following for this to be successful? How can I grow my following?
The Digital Marketing Course will go through all of this with you, but no to be successful with Digital Marketing/Passive Income you do not need a large following. 

Finally, it seems like whenever you take a leap of faith and start something new you can receive a lot of criticism. This was a common comment and so I wanted to address it here:

10. I am disappointed you are scamming people with this course and talking about Passive Income.
I am honestly not sure where this comment is coming from and would be happy to talk with you more about it but there is no "scam" here. We are talking about passive income, digital marketing, and affiliate marketing which are incredible ways of learning to monetize your passions and help you create the financial future that you would like to have. Just like other avenues related to personal finance (investing, side hustles, work from home, etc.)this is an opportunity and avenue to learn and grow in. I love helping people and have been a passionate teacher for more than a decade on different subjects in history and personal finance. I have been authentically in this community and online space for more than a decade and those who have truly been here know that I never discuss something I don't believe in. If you ever have specific questions for me about this please feel free to reach out because if you are saying this I don't believe that you truly know or understand what passive income is. 

Thank you again for your support! I am so excited and hope that these frequently asked questions truly help you as you sign up for the Digital Marketing Course ! We look forward to having you join our community!

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