Tips For Travelling With Kids

July 14, 2022

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If you’ve never travelled with children, the experience can be different from what you might expect, or what you have had in the past. You may find that your child instantly loves being away and is good as gold, but you may also find there are a host of challenges along the way. From finding kid-friendly places to eat and stay, to keeping them amused, travelling with kids is certainly a whole different kettle of fish than travelling as just as an adult or with adult company. Yet it shouldn’t put you off travelling with a child for it can be one of the best and most enriching things you will ever do with them. They will get to experience new cultures, witness things they never would have dreamt about and open their eyes to how other people live. It can give them the chance to sample new foods and learn compassion, understanding and knowledge about new places. If you are thinking of heading abroad with a child, here are some top tips that should help you out and make it that little bit easier from the off. 

Have plenty of things to keep them occupied on the plane

The plane journey is often the first point of stress for many parents. After all, the idea of being shut away with nowhere to escape to and keeping your child confined to a seat is not a fun one. Yet there are many ways you can do this successfully and make sure your child is occupied. Be sure to bring plenty of snacks that they can graze on throughout the journey, just in case they don’t like the plane food and also to keep them occupied. Bring an iPad with plenty of films and games on and also bring toys that they can play with while they are seated. If possible, book a night flight so they hopefully sleep through it, making both of your lives that bit easier!

Book child-friendly accommodation

When considering accommodation, think about what is best for you and your child. There are many choices out there, including hotels that are very child friendly and have a host of facilities, or perhaps you want something a bit more private. You could opt for an AirBnb or a villa which will offer you your own private pool and space for you to relax as a family. This gives you more flexibility to dine when you want to and make a little more mess. The only downside is that you will have to cook your own meals and provide your own entertainment. You could choose a holiday park or resort, or you might want a more boutique hotel that is a bit more intimate. Every different place has benefits so do your research thoroughly and make sure you look at reviews that past travellers have left as well - they can be a real lifesaver! Think about what you want to achieve from where you are staying and what type of accommodation can most efficiently provide this for you.

Plan a mix of activities and pool time

Pool time is great and a real necessity when you are travelling - particularly if you never have time to relax. Yet too much of this can soon become boring for a child and too much sun isn’t a good idea either. To avoid things getting boring, or you having to source lots of things to do, try and mix it with days out. You could do one day at the pool, one day activities, or split each day in half, with the morning and early afternoon spent out and about and the afternoon spent relaxing. Whichever works for you. Try and make a rough itinerary before you go so you get to do all the things that you want to.

Educate your child about the destination before you go 

Before going, try to speak to your child and teach them about the destination. Explain the different cultural differences and teach them about different languages. If they are older, they might come to certain activities or places with you and want to learn the language and terminology. For example if you go somewhere with a yoga retreat, you can teach them what namaste means. Older children can join in with you and will appreciate being taught about different practices and the history of where they are. This will all make the trip even more fun and beneficial when you are out there.

Try to stick to a schedule

Schedules are important for keeping routine and disruption to a minimum. There are many different reasons to have a schedule and we recommend even a basic one to keep your child happy. Try to stick to having lunch at a similar time each day, waking up at a similar time and if they are young, having a nap at a good time. This will help you get some peace of mind knowing what is happening throughout the day and your child will be more settled too. If something deviates from your plan don’t worry too much, and you might plan something only to find when you get there it’s easier to be flexible. Try to find something that works best for you and your family, giving you the best trip possible.

These are just a few top tips for travelling with kids that should make the experience that bit more hassle free and easier to do. Whether you are travelling with one child or a couple, it won’t make a difference and these tips are sure to help. Travelling as a family is one of the best things you will ever do together and you will make memories that will last a lifetime. From seeing new places to sampling new foods, it will offer shared experiences that you will never forget. Are you looking to travel with kids soon? Or have you done so recently? What are some top tips you would like to share? Let us know in the comments!

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