4 Home Checks To Carry Out Before Long-Term Travel

July 27, 2022

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There are so many exciting reasons to go on a long-term trip. For one thing, it’s a great opportunity to see plenty of the world in one go, and of course the more you do that, the more experience you are going to get in general. It can also be a great way to expand the mind and generally find some inner peace. But there are worries associated with long trips abroad too, and one of them in particular is that the home is being left alone all that time. To help assuage your fears, carry out the following checks before you go on any long-term trip.

Electrics Turned Off

In all likelihood, you are going to find it easier to relax if you turn all the electrics off at the mains before you go. Although the chances of anything untoward happening are minimal, this is nonetheless not a risk you will generally want to take. With the electrics turned off at the main switchboard, however, you will have much better peace of mind while traveling for a long time. It is a very simple thing to do that could really help you enjoy your trip so much more, so it’s worth doing.

Lights On A Timer

That being said, if you leave one or two lights plugged in, you can help to make the home look a little more lived-in. This is especially true if you put a couple of lights on a timer, so that they go on and off at different points in the day. This makes it look as if people are at home, and it means that potential burglars are much less likely to realize that you are not there, and therefore won’t be tempted to break in. So while this is not absolutely essential, it is something you may want to consider.

Plumbing Problems Fixed

Leaving any problems unattended while you go away for a long time can prove to be quite foolish and dangerous. After all, they could worsen, causing serious damage and could mean that you come home to a home in disarray, or worse. A good example is the plumbing. If there are any leaky pipes, for instance, you should definitely have those fixed up before you go away, especially when you are going for a longer trip. Otherwise you might find you come back to a flooded home and water damaged belongings.

Locking Up

Finally, of course you should make sure that you are locking the home up as best as you can. This might mean that you want to lock it a little more than usual, or that you want to install deadbolts and the like to help with this. If you can be sure that it is fully locked, you are going to find yourself worrying about it much less, so this is of course a really important thing to consider. Next time you go on a long trip, consider adding extra layers of security in this manner while locking up.

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