gratitude and thank you

July 14, 2022


caravan sonnet
Thank you... As some of you are aware I took my precious mom to the ER at @uvmmedcenter last Thursday and was SO grateful for an incredible team of doctors who worked tirelessly to figure out what her confusing symptoms were meaning. Each hour would bring a new set of information and around 3:30 in the morning (on Friday) a plan was made and we were transferred to a room on Miller 5. Unfortunately only a few hours later a rapid response team needed to be called and mom was rushed to the ICU where she spent the next three days before being released to another room to be discharged & back at home. She was diagnosed with anaplasmosis and pneumonia and we are astounded at how she is doing incredibly well and is healing amazingly!

There are not enough words to describe everything that happened, but what I do want to say is how grateful I am for this community, for your prayers, for your love and support, and for so many people who have changed our lives in the last week. 

Thank you to the doctors from the ER to the Rapid Response to the ICU who worked tirelessly to help diagnose, treat & save my mom's life. 

Thank you to the nurses on the ICU floor (Dave our nurse the first day, Emily, our first night,  and Jeff D. our nurse the 2nd (and really 3rd day too :))) who cared for, advocated, and were incredible to not only my mom but to me and my sister too. I have tears at how amazing you are. 

Thank you to the nurses on Miller 5 for acting so quickly, for walking through the Rapid Response with me, &  for caring for my mom. 

Thank you to the Rapid Response team for EVERYTHING. 

Thank you to the kind staff in the ICU for all you do, for the medical team in there who patiently answered hundreds of questions, and to ALL the doctors. 

Thank you to @suepaulsen57 for coming to be with me and your friendship. Thank you to @trustinginduetime and countless others for ALL of your encouragement and prayers. Thank you to Susie and Bobby for taking care of Scamper. Thank you to @deborah_allion for the flowers and note. Thank you to so so many people. 

Our words would never be adequate as we are overwhelmed with gratitude.  Thank you again so so much.

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