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February 19, 2022

 caravan sonnet

Happy Saturday friends! I hope that you had a great week and that the start of your weekend is going great! Today I thought it would be fun to share what have been the top 5 items that y'all have loved the most from the Caravan Sonnet Shoppe this week

I have been SO excited about all of the additions this month and I am I am thrilled that y'all are loving these products! One of my favorite new additions just went live last night (see what it is HERE!)!! You may be wondering why I am sharing this information and I wanted to share a little background on why:

I am loving using this information to see what products that y'all are liking and buying. I am constantly making new items and creating new things for teachers and my own classes I am prepping for, but if it is not helpful for another teacher I don't want to waste anyone's time in putting it in the shop. Instead I want to put in the shop things that are helpful, creative and colorful, and most of all educational. 

I also want to take a moment to say thank you for every single purchase that has been made in the shop. My goal is to grow this into a full time business and because I am working incredibly hard behind the scenes to make this happen, I want to share the products that others are finding helpful in case you or a teacher/homeschool mama friend could find them useful also. There is a lot that goes into this work and I am LOVING it but I know it wouldn't be possible without YOU. 

So thank you again for your support of my newest shoppe! If you are looking for additional ways to support the shop- you can simply like and share about the shop! Thank you!!

Now... onto the top five sellers from this week:

caravan sonnet

Price: $3.50

This is a powerpoint/google slides presentation that includes: 
* 16 Powerpoint Slides with colorful, engaging, animated, and educational sections

Powerpoint Contains the Following Information:

* Finding and Researching Apartments

* Budgeting for an Apartment

* Financial Aspects of Apartment Living

* 22 Hidden Apartment Costs

* Location Considerations

* Apartment Amenities

* Walk Throughs

* Specific Walk Through Considerations

* Negotiating Rent

* Final Lease Signing

Looking for additional College Life Powerpoints? Check out these that are also available in the shoppe:

The Value of a College Degree Powerpoint

The Cost of a College Education Powerpoint

College Budget Assignment

Coffee and Your Budget Powerpoint

8 Scams Targeting College Students Powerpoint

caravan sonnet
Price: $2.25

Powerpoint Contains 8 Powerpoint Slides with colorful and animated sections on the basics of of checking accounts.

*Powerpoint can be easily converted into Google Slides for your convenience

**Powerpoint can be edited to fit the needs of your classroom!

Powerpoint contains the following information:

* Checking Account Definition

* Ways to Access your Checking Account

* Different Types of Checking Accounts

and more!

Looking for additional Checking Account resources? Check out these that are also available in the shoppe:

Checking Account Unit Bundle

Checking Accounts Powerpoint

Online Banking Pros and Cons Powerpoint

7 Mobile Banking Alerts that Everyone Should Activate

7 Online Security Mobile Tips

caravan sonnet
Price: $3.25

*Powerpoint Contains 15 Powerpoint Slides with colorful, animated and educational sections to help economics come alive for your students!

Powerpoint Contains the Following Information from the Economics Book from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company (2018)

The Economic Way of Thinking- Chapter 1

Section 1: Scarcity: The Basic Economic Problem

Section 2: Economic Choice Today: Opportunity Cost

Section 3: Analyzing Production Possibilities

Section 4: The Economists Toolbox

Looking for additional economics resources in the shoppe? Check out the following resources: 

Check out my other products from this book:

Chapter 1: The Economic Way of Thinking

Chapter 2: Economic Systems

Chapters 4 & 5: Supply and Demand

Chapter 11: Financial Markets

Chapter 17: International Markets and Trade

Check out additional Economic Products in the shop:

Chapter 6: Sex, Booze and Drugs

Chapter 7: The Economics of Obesity

Chapter 8: Kidneys for Sale

Chapter 13: Effects of Minimum Wage

caravan sonnet
Price: $1.00!!!!

I created this word search specifically for Personal Finance class that coincides with the Personal Finance SEMESTER Bundle available in the shop! Just looking for a basic Personal term word search and don't need the bundle or any powerpoints? This will also be a wonderful resource!

This word search worksheet printable features 20 key terms involved with a basic study Personal Finance. Created for easy instructional use, PDF version, and a convenient teacher answer key for quick correcting!

Document can be edited to fit the needs of your classroom!

caravan sonnet
Price: $1.00!!!!

*WordDocument Contains 2 worksheet pages to help students prepare for college and their budgets in college! This would be perfect for a junior/senior high school level finance class. This will work perfectly with the Semester Finance Bundle or any of the Personal Finance Resource section!

The college budget project includes the following things for students to accomplish (also hitting many state standard requirements):

* Bank account for college requirements

* Check writing requirement

* College application fees

* Scholarship Applications

* College experience and complete budget requirements listed

* Pick your top school choice and complete budget requirements listed


Document can be edited to fit the needs of your classroom!

There are the 5 top sellers from this week! So grab a cup of coffee and head on over to shop! Click HERE!

Thank you again for your support! I am so excited to see as this month concludes what the top sellers for the month will be! Thank you again for all of your support, for following along in the shop, for your kind reviews, and for purchasing these products!

Happy Saturday friends!

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