7 Adventure Activity Vacations You Must Try

February 19, 2022

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Not everyone wants to spend their vacation lazing by a pool. Some people prefer to treat their vacation as adventure by challenging themselves to an activity - often with a goal of destination in mind. Below are just a few popular adventure activity vacations that every avid traveller ought to experience once in their lifetime. 


Hiking is ideal for people of all ages and you can do it pretty much anywhere. Hardcore hikers typically like to plan their entire trip around a specific trail. This could include anything from tackling the Inca trail to climbing up Mount Kilimanjaro. When going on a hiking expedition, it’s worth buying some decent hiking boots and packing clothes for all weathers. If you’re going somewhere unfamiliar and challenging, consider whether it could benefit you to hire a guide. 


A cycling trip could be another fun and adventurous vacation. Cycling allows you to cover more distance than hiking. You can bring your own bike or hire a bike if you’re travelling abroad. Joining a cycle tour group could allow you to meet people and provide camaraderie. Alternatively, you can plan a cycling trip on your own. Check out this guide at Discerning Cyclist to planning a bike trip. 

Road trip

An adventure vacation doesn’t have to be physically active. A road trip could allow you to stay on the move without having to use too many muscles. It could be great if you love driving or if you simply want the freedom to visit lots of different places over a long distance in a single vacation. A road trip could involve stopping at motels along the way, or you could sleep in your vehicle (an RV is perfect for this). It could even include a motorbike tour. You can take your own vehicle, or hire one.


A week of snow sports could make for a really fun winter vacation. If you’ve never skied or snowboarded before, you can simply join a ski school while you’re out there. Learning to ski or snowboard could provide a fun challenge, and you’ll get to explore the mountains and take in breathtaking views while doing it. This guide lists some of the best ski resorts for beginners


A surf vacation isn’t your average beach vacation. It could provide a new fun way to experience the sea. Just like a ski holiday, you don’t need to know how to surf beforehand - by travelling to a popular surf destination, you’ll have the option to join a surf school and learn while you’re there. You could even try other watersports too such as waterskiing.

Scuba diving

Scuba diving could allow you to explore an entirely new underwater world that most travellers don’t get to see. Going diving requires obtaining a PADI license - you can train for this before you go on vacation, or learn to dive while you’re at your destination. Sites like Dip ‘N Dive sell all the equipment you need. Alternatively, you can hire all the necessary equipment. Once you feel comfortable diving, you can start choosing the types of diving trips that appeal to you, which could include anything from getting close to marine wildlife to exploring shipwrecks.


You could also plan a sailing vacation. This could include chartering a boat and planning your own route. To provide that sense of adventure, consider opting for a rugged sailboat as opposed to a luxury yacht. If you’ve never sailed before, you’ll need someone to pilot the boat - however they may be able to train you how to do various jobs on deck so that you feel like you’re doing more. 

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