What to Consider When Buying Your First Campervan

April 13, 2021

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If you are an adventurous soul that loves travelling, you've probably toyed with the idea of a mobile home. Before the lure of the open road makes you take some rash decisions, you should sit back and think a little. What do you need one for? Weekends? Short trips? Extended trips? Why a campervan and not an RV or motorhome?

Campervan vs Motorhome 

Motorhomes are specially built, whereas campervans might be modified models of existing vans. The cabs of campervans might be separate and not part of the rest of the vehicle. Campervans are usually more economical than motorhomes.

Campervans vs RVs

Recreational Vehicles are huge mobile homes on wheels and are usually imported into the UK. They include kitchen facilities, bathrooms and are fitted out for comfort. RVs are high on fuel consumption and other running costs, plus insurance. They are also more difficult to park.


Campervans are the smallest of these holiday vehicles and come with different types of accommodations. On buying a campervan you have to make some decisions on how to deal with cooking and bathroom amenities. Because of the reduced space, you have to be a bit more organised about what you take along and what storage space you will have. You can also increase the space by having an awning and some campervans can also be fitted with a roof rack. The advantage is they are the size of a normal van. You can park up almost anywhere because they don't need special facilities. Campervans are also a lot more fuel-efficient and less costly as regards insurance.

Your Budget

Within the range of campervans on offer are variations. When looking to buy, to get the best deal, you have to consider how you are going to use your camper and how much you are willing to spend. Buying a campervan is usually a one-off payment, whereas using it requires constant expenses, so that has to be taken into consideration. It would also be a wise thing to do to compare campervan insurance quotes before deciding which to buy.

A basic design is sufficient for overnight and weekend trips, but if you are thinking of longer trips, you may need one with a bit more comfort. A campervan is usually fine for a couple of people who are willing to sacrifice a little comfort in exchange for freedom, although those with families will have to choose their van with a bit more care.


We all know about the trusty VW vans, which have been an old campervan standard for decades and decades. Travellers have taken them all over the world, but many other van manufacturers now also offer their own versions which makes you spoilt for choice. On the other hand, conversions of standard vans are easy to find, or you can do it yourself.

The Open Road

Campervans always elicit feelings of possibilities and adventure. Thoughts of the open road beckon. There's nothing like getting away for a few days or longer, is there? Campervans are an ideal way to swan around where you please, but first, you must make the correct choice in regard to your needs.

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