Stop Vacation Blues From Flying Away With You by Avoiding These Mistakes

April 14, 2021


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As any avid traveller knows, post-vacation blues are, without a doubt, the worst thing about going away. You can have the most amazing time but, if the direct aftermath is a mire of self-pity and regrets (about coming home, obviously,) then it can drastically tarnish your memories of the trip.

That’s a problem, and it’s one that we need to offset to ensure we can enjoy each adventure to its fullest potential. Unfortunately, no matter how many times you’ve been away, it’s all too easy to fall into sadness, and start questioning everything from your home to your work life as a result.

That’s guaranteed to come as a blow and, after you’ve been in that dark place a few times, it could prevent you from wanting to go away altogether. Luckily, far from being ‘just a normal part of travel,’ this struggle is a sign that you’re making certain mistakes in your post-vacation periods. Here, we’re going to look at what exactly those mistakes might be, and what you can to avoid them. 

Mistake # 1 - An immediate return to work

If your flight lands at midnight and you’re back at work at eight the next day, it’s really no wonder that you feel the impact of your returns so severely. Trust us; we get the mindset of wanting to stretch that trip for as long as possible, but these attempts might just be the root of all your problems, or at least from a travel sense.

After all, if you’re quite literally leaving your unpacked suitcase on your bed and heading to work with sand in your hair, it’s going to feel impossible to concentrate or enjoy your day job in any real way. Instead, it’s vital that you give yourself a little time to decompress, not just so that you can recover from the flight, etc., but also so that you can refind your balance back home.

In fact, the best possible thing is to be gentle with yourself and leave at least a weekend between getting home and getting back to work. Spending that time meeting friends, eating out, and going for fun day trips can especially help you to love the life you’re in, leaving you refreshed and ready to rumble when Monday rolls around. 

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Mistake # 2 - Sitting with vacation weight

Experiencing new cuisines is all part of the fun of travel, but all that eating out and extravagance has the unfortunate side effect of seeing most of us bring a few extra pounds home again. Given that weight is greatly tied up with mental health and general energy levels, this, too, can drastically worsen or extend those post-trip blues, especially if you fail to take action.

One fantastic and fairly simple way to offset this is to prepare a healthy meal plan before you even jet off, ensuring that you can eat right the moment you get home to give yourself a much-needed boost. If you’ve really indulged, however, you might need to try some meal replacement shakes or implement exercise habits alongside your healthier diet. Either way; laying a plan in place and getting to it the moment you get home ensures that you can get back on track, and keep those memories on fond footing. This is guaranteed to keep bad feelings very much at bay, and see you back into the swing of things in no time. 

Mistake # 3 - A lack of prospective travel

When it comes down to it, post-vacation blues are often a multi-factor issue, fuelled not only by getting home but also by no longer having a trip to look forward to. After all, your week away pales in comparison to the months you spent looking forward to it. With that in mind, it’s no wonder you suddenly feel a little flat!

Luckily, this is the easiest issue of all to fix by simply booking in your next trip as soon as you can. Even if you don’t intend to go away for another year or so, getting ahead here is guaranteed to put a spring immediately back in your step. Admittedly, this probably won’t stop you from feeling a little sad that your trip’s over but, with a new adventure on the horizon, you stand the best possible chance of bouncing back in the shortest time. 


Unfortunately, nothing is going to help you avoid feeling a little flat post-trip but, by avoiding these mistakes, you can certainly avoid a chronic case of vacation blues.

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