a goodbye...

July 15, 2020

As some of you already know, this week is a week of saying "goodbye" to a beautiful and wonderful season of being the Director of International Students this past year. I know that I have already said this (many times in the past couple of weeks) to my precious students, my incredible host parents, and the amazing community that I have been blessed to work with, but once again I want to say "thank you". 

It has been a wonderful and inspiring season and I will truly miss all of you. On Monday I cleaned out my cozy office (and the white lights - but left the water JP! Haha!) and as I stood there in the doorway, countless memories flooded back. There has been so much "life" that has happened within that space it feels "holy" in many ways. I smiled and had tears of gratitude. Thank you to each of you that have made that happen.

Shortly after I started in my job I painted a verse that I had been recently introduced to from a Robin Jones Gunn book on my wall. It became the prayer of my heart for all who entered and for myself. As I leave, I confidently and joyfully look forward to these next steps and season for all of us. Thank you again so much. I love you guys. 

We joyfully and confidently look forward to becoming all that God has in mind for us to be. 
// Romans 5:2 //

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