The Falls of Carillon // #ADK50FALLS Challenge // Ticonderoga, New York

May 4, 2020

Caravan Sonnet\
Happy Monday friends! I hope that you had a wonderful weekend!

Today I am excited to share with y'all a bit more about the #ADK50falls challenge and specifically about the Falls of Carillon, a waterfall that we visited several weeks ago.

If you aren't familiar with the #ADK50falls challenge, you can read about the places that I have been going as part of the challenge HERE (I started last year) or read about the entire challenge HERE.  

Simply put there are 50 waterfalls that you hike and visit (5 require proof with photo that you were there) to complete the challenge. For those of you who love hiking and being outdoors this can be a great suggestion during this time with the COVID restrictions of hiking certain mountain trails. It also can show you unique parts of the Adirondacks that you may have never discovered. I definitely have been feeling that with the waterfalls that we have visited and explored the last several weeks and look forward to sharing more!
Caravan Sonnet
If you would like to know just basic facts about the falls please just scroll down to the bottom of the post where I will be sharing basic information to help those who want to know more specifics about each of the falls in the challenge.

The Falls of Carillon (pronounced "carry on") is part of the LaChute River which hosts several different waterfalls that drop over 230 feet in the course of the river. It is located right in the heart of Ticonderoga in upstate New York and is approximately and hour and 15 minutes southeast of Lake Placid and about an hour north of Lake George. 

Ticonderoga is the home of Fort Ticonderoga which was originally known as Fort Carillon. The town of Ticonderoga was originally named Carillon so the falls get their name from this French heritage. If you are looking for this waterfall you may also hear it called "LaChute Falls". 
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The Falls of Carillon stands at about 25-35 feet high and is right next to the Bicentennial Park. Similar to the way that many towns in the former days used the water to help power the town, this is the case with the Falls of Carillon. Do you remember me talking about the beautiful Rice's falls last year? You can click HERE to read more but both falls helped the towns that they are located in to have a nature source of power. In the case of the Falls of Carillon the power of water was used to help the power mills and factories that existed at that time. 

The falls are very easy to find and you can see them when you cross the main bridge in town to head down into the Bicentennial park. 

I have to be honest... this wasn't my favorite waterfall in this challenge. Similar to Anderson Falls (that I shared about last week), it was interesting to see, but if you are looking for a "nature/woods" adventure this would not be the waterfall to go to see. On the other hand it was incredibly disability friendly and does allow for people who may not be able to hike to see this waterfall. 

PS- If you are interested in reading more about each of the waterfalls - I recommend reading Adirondack Fifty Falls (click HERE to purchase) which lays out all of the falls in a concise and easy manner. It also groups the falls in the challenge by area so that you do not have to do that research! 
Caravan Sonnet
When I was extremely sick I used to grieve not being able to be outside in nature as much as I wanted to be and if this is where you are at due to health reasons I hope that the information I provide about each of the falls in this challenge will encourage you to explore as you are able.

Located in the heart of Ticonderoga (approx. 1 hour north of Lake George // 1 hour and 15 minutes southeast of Lake Placid)

25 foot water falls

Bicentennial park in Ticonderoga


Several places to park, including a special handicap parking area where you could see the falls without getting out of the car.


None. If you park you can see the falls without getting out of the car or you could walk around the paved park. This area includes some benches to sit on. 

Absolutely Yes. You could even see the falls from the car if you did not want to get out. If you are wanting to see some of the other #adk50falls that are also disability friendly I would check out my page dedicated to the waterfall challenge by clicking HERE!

Thank you so much for reading today friends! Please let me know if you have any questions about the challenge or The Falls of Carillon! I am happy to answer and can't wait to hear about your waterfall adventures! And again, if you would like to read about other #adk50falls that I have written about on the blog click HERE!

Have a wonderful day!

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