From Hope Valley Devotionals (Week 26): The Legacy of Love and Suffering

May 27, 2020

Happy Wednesday friends! As I shared several  months, I am excited to re-share some of the most popular devotional posts that I wrote in 2017-2018 (if you would like to see the complete list you can find it HERE!) and am excited to share this one this week! I hope that this continues to be a beautiful blessing even several years later!

One of the sweet scenes that stood out to me in When Calls the Heart Season 2 was the conversation that took place between the widows lawyer, Samantha, and Abigail. This comment made by Samantha, a single woman to Abigail, who had lost her husband and son in the mining accident reminded me of a timeless truth for all of us to consider... the legacy of love and suffering.

This past year as I watched the month of April slowly fade and we approached the month of May I have to admit that I silently groaned as my heart deeply aches. As a lady who has longed to be a mama for years and years I have to grudgingly admit that I view the month of celebrating Mother's Day with heartache. Am I deeply grateful for my precious mama? Absolutely yes. Do I rejoice with my friends who have been blessed with many children? Of course. Do I rejoice with my dear friends who have walked the road of infertility and this year celebrated becoming a mother? Absolutely. But is there a part of me that like many of my hurting friends who long to be a mommy that cries as we approach this date? Yes. Is there a part of me that wonders at how Proverbs 13:22 fits into my life? Yes.

As I watched this scene between Samantha and Abigail I was touched by the way that the writers of the show tenderly approached this topic. I am not sure if it was purposeful or not, but it appeared to me in this scene that Samantha was thinking and referencing her own sadness in longing to be a wife and a mama.

A few short days before Mother's Day I started thinking more deeply about the idea of "legacy", specifically the legacy that is formed in love and suffering. A dear former student contacted me the day before Mother's Day and said, "Thank you for your mother's heart that during my time in your classroom showed the joy of Christ, and watching your faith in this trial you are currently walking has shown me the steadfast hope and love only found in Christ. Your mother's heart has created a legacy of faith for me."

To be frank I broke down and wept. My faith seems so incredibly small in this journey and I had never considered the concept before that one could leave a legacy in suffering. I always equated legacy with children, and there is a legacy that is left there to be sure. But there is also a legacy created in other seasons of life... even in suffering where we can and we will leave some kind of legacy.

"I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us."
- Romans 8:18-

The reality is that when life is destroyed all around you it is hard to trust the truth of Romans 8. When we are faced with the death of a loved one, the unanswered prayers for healing, the loss of a job, infertility, chronic pain, broken relationships, and the loss of dreams it can literally stop us in our tracks. It catches our breathe. In many ways we expect, as I did before Mother's Day this year to silently groan and cry our tears in private till the moment passes. Like me, we want to turn the pages of the calendar days quickly so that we forget the pain. And in the midst of the "helpful and sage" advice that we are given, most of us just want to dull the crushing pain and move on to "better times". Like me wanting to avoid Mother's Day, we want to "avoid" the painful times of suffering.

But what about the legacy that is found in suffering? Are we showing the world how to lovingly and faithfully walk with Jesus during the difficult days here on earth, or are we showing them that we have Jesus only to quickly make it through the painful times? Are we showing the power and miraculous God that we have despite circumstances on earth? Or are we limiting our God as we box Him in to ways that we want Him to work?

I want to suggest that the legacy of love and suffering is a beautiful thing called joy. Joy in the midst of pain. Joy in the midst of heartache. Joy, not smiles that are on our faces, but true joy found deep in the heart of Hope in a God who promises to never leave us. Sweet friends, as we cry out in our pain, let us take the risk to walk the road of suffering joyfully confident in the one who carries us each day. Be brave friends in hope with your suffering.

Your sufferings may include a myriad of things that you want to share and discuss or they may be private heartaches that you feel that no one notices or understands. Your life and your story is unique and has purpose. Never think that your story does not have unique and noble callings to it even if it doesn't look like the way that you planned for things to look.

To each of the mamas reading this there is nothing (in my opinion) more noble than being a mama and wife, but I also know that even mamas have their own trials and stresses. To those longing to be a wife and mama your story can leave a legacy of nobility too as you wait and hope for that season in life. In each of our lives God creates a beautiful legacy out of suffering that spreads to those around you and offers redemption to the pain that we all experience here on earth. Our everlasting God who is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow is our everlasting hope, which brings joy. There is purpose in it. There is a legacy that will be formed. Your hope and longings will not be disappointed.

"And hope does not disappoint us..."
-Romans 5:5-

"A good man (or woman) leaves a legacy for his children's children."
-Proverbs 13:22-

*original post written in August 2017 prior to Lori Loughlin's departure from the show*

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  1. I so love your heart! And your wisdom! As always, your devotional really hit home for me today! Thank you for always leaving us with hope, love & joy in the Lord. God bless you!

    1. Mary, You are SO sweet! Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by, read, and drop a note. You are such a blessing!! Thank you so much for your incredibly kind words that truly were an encouragement to me today!! You are a blessing!
      Blessings, Rebecca :)

  2. You are leaving such a wonderful legacy, Rebecca! Your kind heart and trust in the Lord has touched me in so many ways. I am so blessed to call you a friend! <3

    1. Bailey! You are so sweet! I am not sure why I am just seeing this comment now, but your words have truly blessed my heart! Love you friend!!