Add More Outdoors To The Indoors When You're Not Travelling

May 18, 2020

It’s so important to bring a little bit of the outdoors to the inside. It’s vital. It gives you a little bit of cheer and improves your mood and the bonus is that it doesn’t have to be difficult or pricey! You can also be inspired by your travels very easily! 
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The presence of plants in an interior space not only adds beauty, but it also improves your mental health. It can help balance out physiological stress, encourage positively toned moods, help you with your ability to refocus attention, be less mentally fatigued, improve your performance on any type of task and even help you feel less alone. Having nature indoors makes you feel less claustrophobic also, especially if you are living in a very small space such as a tiny apartment. Overall, plants have more to offer than just being a fun and attractive addition to your space. Look at the colours you like and the colours that you think attract you the most, from blues for calm or reds for passion and even yellows for a better mood. You need to work out what suits you best and your space. Thwne once this is done you can play around with where you want to place them all. 

Another great addition to helping bring the outdoors indoors is to look at textures. Textures are a vital part of any home and bring things together. So look at what floors you want and how you can look at natural textures to enhance your home. You could look at using yarn. Yarn is perfect because it provides a lovely natural element that also looks pretty. Add yarn storage baskets around the house and keep your towels, magazines or anything inside them! They really are multipurpose. 

We spoke about flowers already but how about plants? Plants are good for your general air and help improve the air as well as make the space look inviting. Lots of different plants have their own vibes and their own style, so it really depends on what you’re looking for in terms of smaller plants in pots for the windowsills or if you want to have big sprawling plants that hang down or spider plants. Get some ideas on Pinterest and see what you resonate with. Plants aren’t always just green either so if you want to add colour you can look at certain shrubs and plants that are coloured, such as yellows and pinks. 

Your home should also have fresh air in. Open the windows and get rid of the musty smells and get the air circulating. The smell of fresh air in the house will help your mind too. This is going to really make you feel as if you have things together for spring/summer. Add a few colourful cushions around too, maybe florals or patterns that make you think of the outdoors, this can really enhance any bland space without having to redecorate entirely and spend lots of money. Get your home ready for the spring/summer season and start enjoying your home! It’s our haven, after all! 

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