5 Ways To Fight An Addiction

September 3, 2019

Recognizing an addiction is the first step to beating it. Whether its gambling, smoking or playing video games, here are five ways in which you can overcome your addiction.
Get support
Having other people around you to support you can be the biggest motivation. These could be friends, family members, fellow addicts trying to give up or professional counsellors. You may want to start by first getting encouragement from friends and family. If they’re not enough, try meeting other recovering addicts – finding people who related to your situation could help. If this still isn’t working, it could be time to consider professional help such as heroin addiction rehab. Don’t feel you’re failing by relying on others – by seeking support yourself, you are helping yourself.  
Swot up
Understanding your addiction, its causes and its negative impact can help you to quit. It may help you to identify root causes that need addressing or it could help spur you into giving up by being more aware of the damage your addiction is causing. There are books and sites that you can find on fighting specific addictions from fighting internet addiction to fighting alcoholism.
Create barriers
There could be way of putting barriers in the way to stop you giving in to your addiction. This could include getting rid of all the snacks in your home or avoiding your local bar. You may even be able to encourage friends and family to help set up these barriers – this could include asking them to change the wi-fi password to stop an internet addiction or having them guard your credit card to stop a spending addiction.  Such barriers will make it much harder to give into temptation, making giving up a whole lot easier.
Find a replacement
There may be a healthy addiction that you can take up in place of your unhealthy addiction. This could include exercise, listening to music or snacking on healthy foods. Such a healthy addiction could help to fill the emptiness, giving you the endorphin rush you crave without any of the harmful side effects.
Keep a record
Keeping a record of your progress as you beat your addiction could help to motivate you. You’ll be able to see how many days you’ve gone clean and how many days you’ve got until your next milestone. You could keep a record of your progress simply using a calendar, or you could use apps to help you such as this app to stop you eating junk food
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