Weddings Done Your Way

August 7, 2019

You love to live your life a certain way and that way brings you much happiness, peace and tranquility. You’re not into the hustle and bustle of cities and shopping outlets but rather find inspiration and solace in the quieter parts of  life. That’s why when you decide to get married, you’re going to have a wedding that reflects who you both truly are and not a wedding that forces you into wearing or being somewhere that makes you feel uncomfortable and decidedly not you!

In this blog, we’re taking a look at low-key weddings. How to make the best day of your life go the way you want it, what to avoid and how to keep some of those costs down.

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When you’ve got some clear strengths, why not put them to good use in the run up to your big day? If you’re a green-fingered type, you’ll be happy to choose the flowers you want to carry and feel comfortable being able to decorate the church, chapel or room you’re choosing to get married in with a simple but bright collection of flowers.

Let out the artist in you by designing your own wedding invites and having them printed, creating a unique invitation and saving on expensive design costs.

Ask Friends

Your friends too probably have a lot of skills between them so whether they sing in a band or play instruments you might be able to persuade them to provide your evening entertainment of else find a band on this page that catches your eye. Have someone write and read a poem in your ceremony for a truly personal touch.

If you’re hoping to avoid a big wedding reception and formal sit-down dinner, then look around at venues that offer a more low-key approach. You might even find someone with some land that would be willing to let you erect a marquee for an afternoon and allow you to break out a hog roast and turn the field into something of a mini festival by way of celebration.

Of course, if even that seems too much then a simple ceremony followed by a meal in a quiet, romantic restaurant might just be the antidote to large, overblown weddings that send chills down your spine.

At the end of the day your wedding is unique as the two of you and however you choose to get wed will be entirely down to the pair of you. Forget family expectations, forget the “norm” and plan a day that you’ll recall fondly for many years to come.

Start by ruling out all the elements you don’t want before you focus in on what’s going to make you happy. Put your very considerable artistic skills to the test and create artwork and invitations that really tell the story of the two of you as a couple. Rope in friends and family for a fun, happy, love filled celebration without the expense of a large scale wedding and without feeling that you’ve compromised on your dreams.

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