Sticking to a Diet While You Travel

August 29, 2019

Sticking to a diet when we’re at home is hard. We have busy lifestyles, and it’s all too easy to reach for unhealthy snacks and meals when you are in a rush or need a quick energy boost. But, with careful planning and determination, we manage. Even harder, is trying to stick to that same diet while you are away from home. Whether you are going on a weeks vacation or taking a more extended break, it’s all too common to find that you’ve gained at least a few pounds on your return and that all of your hard work has been undone. Worse, is trying to rediscover your good habits after a week or more of over-indulgence and carefree eating. 

But, sticking to a diet while you travel isn’t impossible. With a little planning and a lot of self-control, there’s no reason why you can’t have a great break and come home still on target with no guilt or regret. 

Find a Plan That’s Right for You
Do you have to stick to the exact same diet? Or, could your break be a great excuse to try a new plan? At home, you might be able to count calories and stick to a careful meal plan, but away from home, it’s a lot harder. So, why not try a Ketogenic diet for weight Loss!!! Research different diet plans, and find one that suits your travel plan. Remembering that the diet that fits your home lifestyle and routine might not be ideal or even possible while you are away. 

Allow Some Flexibility
Don’t get upset because you’re not allowed an ice cream on the beach when everyone else is having one. Give yourself some freedom and flexibility. Stick to your diet most of the time, but if you fancy a treat, have it, without feeling bad, just try to choose a smaller serving, and don’t make a habit of it. 

Keep Moving
The main reason for holiday weight gain isn’t necessarily overeating. Sometimes, it’s a lack of movement. If you are usually at the gym five days a week or walking 10000 steps a day, and then you suddenly drop to nothing, instead laying by the pool all day, you are burning far fewer calories, and whatever you eat, weight gain is to be expected. Jump into the pool and do some laps in the morning. Go for an afternoon walk along the beach, and try some water sports of other local activities to keep yourself moving. 

Pack Healthy Snacks for Days Out
Most of us enjoy days out exploring while we travel. This is often when we indulge. To avoid temptation, prepare some healthy snacks to take with you, and don’t go anywhere without a large bottle of water. 

When possible, stay in accommodation with kitchen facilities. This way, you can cook at least some of your meals, instead of eating out all the time. Shop for healthy ingredients, find some local recipes, and spend time preparing healthy local cuisine for yourself. You might even learn some new recipes to take home with you. 

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