A HUGE Thank you!

May 31, 2018

At the beginning of this Lyme Disease Awareness Month (May), I had a secret dream and prayer request to get my book, Praying Through Lyme Disease into the hands of over a thousand Lyme patients who had contacted me over the last year desiring a copy but due to treatment costs couldn't afford one. 

I was excited to reduce the cost of all of my Lyme books for the month and was still hoping and dreaming behind the scenes that my secret dream would come to fruition. When I shared here on the blog and other social media sites the option of purchasing a copy anonymously for someone, I was overwhelmed. To me the number that was needed seemed insurmountable to me. But over the course of the month message after message poured in and people's generosity to help strangers has blown me away.

Two days ago (at the end of May) the number had dwindled to 15 people being left and I was speechless! Then a sweet friend surprised me with wanting to purchase a couple of books. I explained that would be wonderful and then she said that she wanted to purchase 15 (as you can see in the picture above)!!! I was completely BLOWN AWAY by the exactness of this insurmountable number being met that I had tears.

People often say that Lyme Disease is not recognized but I see something different...I see strangers caring about strangers and people trying to help the overwhelming suffering that this disease causes. Thank you to each of you who lovingly supported so many people this month and your extreme generosity in giving in this way.

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