Sign Language Class

February 7, 2018

I shared with my Instagram community that last night was a beautiful dream! I headed back into the classroom (a dream come true as y'all know!) to take a class that I have been dreaming of taking for years while I was so sick. 

What some of y'all may not know is that I have always had a love affair with sign language that started when I was in high school and we played a deaf team in our area. At one point I was almost fluent in it but over the years have not been able to keep it up due to being sick. 

While bedridden I would try to work on vocabulary, the alphabet, numbers, etc, but there were so many times when the pain was so difficult that it was hard to even get my fingers to move. To be at this point, be able to be in a class and getting my doctors approval to take this class was a dream come true. I will NEVER take for granted these moments that have been fought so hard for. Last night it made my fingers and heart come alive to be signing again! I am so grateful for Professor Jill and all of the ladies who sweetly welcomed me tonight! I have several dreams that I hope to use with becoming fluent in sign language and it's exciting to be re-starting this process! 

Anyone else know ASL? I would love to hear your stories! 

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