Juniper's Restaurant at Wildflower Inn (Lyndonville, Vermont)

June 10, 2017

On Tuesday I shared about our stay at the Wildflower Inn in Lyndonville, Vermont (you can read more about it HERE!) and today I am excited to share more specifically about Juniper's Restaurant which is located on the property. 
Juniper's Restaurant is located in the main building at the Wildflower Inn (the building in the above picture) and serves breakfast and dinner. If you stay at the Wildflower Inn then breakfast is included with your stay, but you can also go to eat breakfast on the weekends if you are not staying at the restaurant. Dinner is served Tuesday through Saturday and is open to the public each night. The SpokEasy Lounge is also available in the same building and they serve drinks on Tuesday through Saturday's starting at 4pm. 
When you check into to stay at the Wildflower Inn you are greeted immediately by the charm of the entire property which sets a lovely stage for your meal at Juniper's. 
One of the things that was delightful to discover was the fact that Juniper's Restaurant carries a gluten free menu and they boast holding the largest Gluten Free Menu in Vermont. Here is the note that is on the website regarding their story with Gluten Free items:

"At Juniper's restaurant we want your every meal to be enjoyable. However, we know first hand how frustrating and boring eating out can be for the gluten free diner. That is why we have worked to create a menu where all of our menu items are gluten free; whether we use gluten free products or make sure we do not add unnecessary gluten to our soups or sauces. We would like you to relax and enjoy your meal, without the hassle and worry. All of our gluten free breads, pasta, dinner rolls, hamburger buns, and crackers are pre-approved by our gluten free staff members, including Jim and Mary's daughters, Anna and Sarah."

As someone who has Celiac Disease it was nice to know that these options were available at the restaurant even before we arrived. Since we only experienced Juniper's at breakfast I can't speak beyond those meals, but it was refreshing to know that so much precautions were taken and I could enjoy breakfast with no worries of cross-contamination.
As I just mentioned my mom and I ended up only eating breakfast on the property, but have already decided that we would love to go back for dinner sometime. Our plan was to eat dinner at Juniper's but since we arrived on a Monday evening (when dinner is not served) and on Tuesday we ended up exploring the beautiful area and countryside we sadly didn't make it back in time for dinner. The board that held the specials looked delicious and I am confident that y'all would love any meal at Juniper's! 
The presentation of our meals was absolutely lovely. As a lady fighting for her health it was also wonderful to read about how Juniper's strives to use quality food that is all-natural and without preservatives, antibiotics, and hormones as well as using fresh local produce.
For both of our breakfast meals my mom and I were delighted not only with the food and the taste, but also by all of the details that surrounded the room. All of the extra special touches truly welcomed you in and added to the relaxing atmosphere. My mom and I had the best time just sitting and chatting and enjoying each bite of food.
As with each step you took on the Wildflower Inn property, the views from Juniper's are million dollar views. The beauty that surrounds the property and the restaurant is breath-taking and simply can't be described adequately in words. 
I truly hope that y'all have the opportunity to go and eat at Juniper's Restaurant. If you would like to make a reservation or find out more on the Juniper's website you can do so HERE!

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Phone Number: 1-802-626-8310

A HUGE thank you to Wildflower Inn for the delicious meals at Juniper's Restaurant. 


  1. Looks like a neat place! And, it was so nice to see you looking so well, sweet friend. :) I haven't got to visit with you in a while.

    1. Cheryl,

      It was delightful to see your name and your comment! Thank you so much for your sweet words and for stopping by to read and to comment! I hope that you are doing well!!

      Blessings, Rebecca :)