a beautiful sunset (Shelburne, Vermont)

June 23, 2017

One evening we were heading back home after a day of treatment and appointments when we saw the most beautiful sunset. 
As we waited for the ferry we marveled at the beauty before us and the stunning color depth and change that we saw in a matter of minutes.
It was a precious and gentle reminder that beauty can be found everywhere, every single day. Beauty, truly, surrounds us.
As we approach this weekend I hope that you have a wonderful Friday and a lovely weekend.
Most of all, I hope that you find beauty to inspire you. Happy Friday friends! 


  1. Such a beautiful sunset! Happy Friday!

    1. Thanks friend!! UGH. Time has gotten away from me and I wanted to send you a little something before you moved. Am I to late? :( If so could I send it to your new address? Praying for y'all- I can only imagine all of the changes, emotions, and things that you are encountering. Praying that God would tenderly meet you in all of the moments ahead with extreme grace and blessing.

      Blessings, Rebecca