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September 10, 2016

Happy Saturday friends! I hope that y'all had a wonderful week and that this weekend is full of rest, fun, relaxation, and joy! I am spending the weekend finishing up some last minute packing for the extremely fun week next week! My little heart is so excited for next week and I so appreciate all of your prayers for the trip! 

Today I wanted to share some bloggers reviews of December Caravan! There are so many sweet bloggers who took the time to write such kind reviews and words about the book and I am so grateful for all of their help in spreading the word! Here is what a few of them had to say:

From Katie, at Always Katie:

"Rebecca is a normal girl with normal girl stories. What makes this book powerful is her extraordinary reaction to these normal girl problems. She meets each challenge - heartbreak, longing, fear, pain - with grace, faith, and wisdom.  I so admire this about her, and she sets a sterling example for those of us who struggle to make sense of our own trials."

You can read the rest of Katie's review by clicking HERE.

From Bailey, at Becoming Bailey:

"Rebecca's short stories about her life and experiences show me that despite everything, God is still good. If something were to happen to my husband tomorrow, God will still be good. If we went bankrupt, God would still be good. If I lost my good health, God would still be good. God is good and He is the ultimate healer and provider. We can endure all things because God's love never fails.

We don't have to have the happy ending to show God's faithfulness. We can still be "in the middle," still "broken", because there is hope. There is hope that one day, when we reach Heaven, God will wipe away our tears. There will be no more mourning, no more sadness, no more death and no more despair. We'll spend our days joyfully praising our Savior."

You can read the rest of Bailey's review by clicking HERE.

From Kaycee, at Emerald Life Blog:

"Without giving anything away, December Caravan starts off with a bomb drop. As I continued to read, my emotions were up and down. Rebecca chronicled a time in her life in which she experienced many trials including loss and illnesses. She was honest and open with her struggles. She was real. She was relateable. She was raw."

You can read the rest of Kaycee's review by clicking HERE.

From Laura, at The Start of a Good Life

"I enjoyed this look into Vandemark’s story so much as she constantly reminded me to keep my focus and hope on the Lord.  Her trials are beyond imagining, and yet here she is, years later – encouraging those around her to run to the heart of God. I highly recommend this book."

You can read the rest of Laura's review by clicking HERE.

Did you write a blog review on December Caravan? I would love to share it! Please leave a comment or send me an email! Thank you friends! I hope you have a wonderful Saturday!

December Caravan is available where books are sold and can be purchased by clicking HERE.

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