Hyatt House: Belmont/Redwood Shores, California

June 23, 2015

When I first made the decision to switch my medical care to a Lyme Specialist Clinic in March 2014 I knew one of the things that I needed to find was a place to stay when I need to fly out for my required appointments. For the past four times I have stayed out in California I have stayed at a variety of different hotels but when my mom and I needed to stay for an entire week we searched and searched to find a hotel that was within our price range. 

As we continued to research we also were looking and hoping for options that would allow us to have a kitchen so that we could not only save money on food by cooking our meals, but allow us to cook meals that would fit into my strict dietary needs. In addition to this I was hoping for was a way for us to have some sort of suite/2 bedroom option so that I could nap as much as I needed to and my mom wouldn't have to hang outside just to be quiet! *smiles* Unfortunately the price for 2 bedrooms or a suite was just not in our price range without traveling a great distance which due to my health was not an option. After treatment all I wanted to do was come home and sleep (or unfortunately be sick)... not spend two hours in the car each way to my doctors office and after treatment. 

Many sweet people have suggested using Air B&B as they have had great success with this. I love this idea and before my health deteriorated I myself used. And while this suggestion is lovely, as a seriously ill gal it is unfortunately not something that I am currently able to do. There are a LOT of factors and criteria that those who are ill need to have met due to environmental illnesses/sensitivities and at this point certain hotels are the best option. 

As I continued to research we came across the Hyatt House at Belmont/Redwood Shores and were delighted with what we found. For a little less money then one room  at other hotels in the area we were able to get a lovely 2 bedroom suite with a full kitchen! 
House at Belmont/Redwood Shores
This hotel, which is located along the Silicon Valley's Northern Perimeter is a wonderful place to say for those who are traveling for business and for personal reasons. It is an excellent option for both parties as there are many corporate offices located near the hotel and for those traveling for personal reasons this hotel is a quite and restful retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the nearby city. 
Hyatt House at Belmont/Redwood Shores
For those who are ill and traveling to the San Francisco area for medical treatment the Hyatt House at Belmont/Redwood Shores is a wonderful option. All of the Hyatt House Hotels are smoke free and this particular hotel has wonderful options for suites that will make you feel like you are living in the comfort of your own home. There is free high-speed internet along with a guest laundry facility and there is a complimentary breakfast buffet that offers many wonderful nutritious choices. One unique thing about the Hyatt House at Belmont/Redwood Shores is that they also offer a complimentary grocery shopping service which can be a wonderful gift to those who are undergoing treatment and not able to shop for themselves. In addition to all of this my mom and I found the hotel staff to be extremely pleasant and kind and the hotel was very quiet. 
House at Belmont/Redwood Shores
To be fair though and to give a bit of a warning we were disappointed in two aspects of the Hyatt House at Belmont/Redwood Shores. First, we were disappointed in the lack of clear communication regarding the lack of accessibility for those who have disability issues. When we made the appointment we were very clear that I was traveling for treatment and that I do have a disability tag and that it is very difficult for me to walk up and down stairs. We were told that the hotel is "very disability friendly and accommodating" and thought nothing more of it. When we arrived exhausted after airplane delays and traveling for 15 hours, we were unpleasantly surprised to find that we were on the 2nd floor and that there was no elevator access to our room. At 3 o'clock in the morning this literally brought both my precious mama and me to tears. When we went back to the front desk to inquire about this we were told that there was no elevators on the property to reach the 2nd and third floors and that there were no handicap rooms available. As we explained our situation (there was no way that I could climb up with luggage to the 2nd floor and that we had been assured that the hotel was "very disability friendly and accommodating") the staff member at the front desk was kind enough to come over herself to help us carry all of our luggage to our suite. It was very kind of her, but it was extremely disappointing that this occurred. I honestly don't know what would have happened if one of us was in a wheelchair and unable to walk up stairs. To me this was a definitely a disappointment after being told that the hotel was "very disability friendly and accommodating". 

A second thing that was disappointing was that when we were making our reservations I asked if the hotel gave any discount for those traveling for medical reasons/treatment. Many hotels do this in the area due to the large amount of hospitals and doctors offices that exist in this part of California. After explaining that I was traveling for treatment for Advanced Late Stage Lyme Disease I was informed, "umm... that is not that serious and no". This was extremely frustrating as one of the leading Lyme Doctors is located in that area. In addition to this the fact that Hyatt House at Belmont/Redwood Shores does not recognize this as a "serious disease" was  unprofessional. Hopefully in the future Hyatt House at Belmont/Redwood Shores will reconsider this stance as many people travel from all over the world to this area for treatment for Lyme Disease and this is a very serious disease.
I hope that y'all have found this review of the Hyatt House at Belmont/Redwood Shores helpful! Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this hotel! I would be happy to answer them! 

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  1. It looks wonderful. Would love to just sit by that pool and relax. :)