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Happy New Years friends!! This is the second year that I have ever joined in on the "pick a word for the year train". I am honestly not sure why I didn't do this years ago because it is such a lovely and sweet idea. Last year as I prayed about a word for the year 2014 (and chose Valor) it really allowed me time to focus, think and pray about the coming year. As I did the same this year, I felt again that there were several "themes" that kept coming to mind but they could all be summed up by an over-arching word: 
Mettle Definition:
(1) a person's ability to cope well with difficulties or to face a demanding situation in a spirited and resilient way
(2) the ability to meet a challenge or persevere under demanding circumstances; determination or resolve
(3) vigor and strength of spirit or temperament
(4) quality of temperament or disposition

Granted, it is not a word that is "common" or used everyday but the definitions sum up exactly what I pray for for this coming year. This battle for my health continues to be very difficult and demanding and I want to meet this challenge with a spirited and resilient way. I want to persevere under these demanding circumstances and that is taking all of my determination and resolve. As I lean on the Lord's strength to conquer the "unknowns" of what lies ahead with my health, healing, relationships, my professional life, my shop, my writing, and some personal circumstances I can rest fully in the knowledge that His strength is going to give me the determination to face these demanding and difficult situations. Finally, I want to be a good soldier for the Lord in this difficult situation and have the quality of temperament to face the pain of illness, the strength to believe in the impossible, and the lovely peace that comes from trusting a Sovereign God fully without fear.

The word "mettle" was first used in the 1500's and came to mean, "the stuff one is made of, one's character". When I read this I knew immediately it was the word for the year. There is nothing that will show you what you are made of more than losing your independence in your early thirties and becoming primarily housebound at such a young age when others are off "chasing their dreams". Sometimes, and I am embarrassed to admit this, but its not all "rosy" and lovely over here. (I know, I know, it is impossible to imagine that I wouldn't be perfect to live with all of the time. *sarcastic smiles*) This season and journey that the Lord has me on has shown me in a million different ways how incredibly sinful and selfish I can be. It is definitely something that I spend a lot of time in prayer about. And the life I want to live, my life fully surrendered for the Lord, is a life that is filled with "strength of character" that reflects HIM in all circumstances, even during the difficult and painful times. 

I am in the middle of re-reading "Evidence Not Seen" (I think I have read this book literally 100 times!!) and it has impressed upon my heart the impact of living a life with mettle. Mettle whose strength is not in demanding our own rights or ability to cope for ourselves, but for the Lord. Mettle that touches the hearts of others for the glory of God. Mettle is having the spirit to believe that no matter the circumstances (or the evidence) God is in control and is still at work. No matter what the situations that arise in the coming year I want to live with mettle. 

So that is my "word" for the year friends! Did y'all pick a "word" for this year? I would love to hear about it and what the significance is to you!! Happy January 1st!!


  1. My word for this year is "Alive." Happy 2015!!

    1. OOHH Chelsea I LOVE your word!!!! I can't wait to catch up on reading your blog (which is always so awesome!!) as I have been away for the past month!! Hope that you had a wonderful holiday season lady!! Happy 2015!!!
      :) Rebecca

  2. What a wonderful word to choose. You are always such a blessing and a bright light for Jesus. :)
    Wishing you joy and health, sweet lady! <3

    1. Marci, I can't express enough how thankful I am for you and your sweet comments that you continuously leave. EVERY SINGLE time I see an email in my inbox I immediately smile and am so encouraged by your words. THANK YOU so much for taking the time to consistently leave such encouraging and uplifting notes. It might not seem like a big deal but to this gal it is HUGE!! I can't wait to catch up on your blog since I have been away for a little bit this past month!! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that your New Year has started off well! Sending love and prayers across the miles!
      :) Rebecca

  3. Beautiful word, Rebecca! You are always in my prayers, sweet friend. My words for 2015 are, "Simplify Everything". Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you sweet friend! You have been in my prayers too!! How are you doing?? I LOVE your words for the new year!! Those have definitely been something that the Lord has brought to mind as I have prayed for the upcoming year - particularly for me in the area of cleaning out the large amount of stuff that I have!! Thank you again for your sweet prayers!! Sending gentle hugs across the miles!!
      :) Rebecca


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